Attracting and Enhancing love the crystals way


If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then crystals are our wing woman.

Because even though we know there’s no such thing as magic or love potions, there is such a thing as energy — and energy can be very potent. Crystals, yes! Energy from crystals is what we are referring to. Crystals emit a natural energy which can attract love and romance that could actually bring you a lot of positives. Hey, even if you don't believe in crystals, all self-help books say you must, because these good vibes can be brought in to each and every one of you.

Every crystal stone is unique, each one believed to hold a different healing power. There are specific crystals and gemstones that balance and support loving relationships. But, the most common and popular one is the rose quartz traditionally called as the beginners love crystal, is referred as the Heart Stone and has been in practise since a very long time now.

Our product line-up’s most popular crystal, the rose quartz and its subsequent crystal agate bracelet product – the wedding bracelet.

crystal agate bracelet


Rose quartz – a love crystal, the best way to harness unconditional love through this stone is to hold a piece in your hand while repeating an intention. Rose quartz puts you in a state of mind that allows you to receive love.

Maybe you need to love yourself more, or maybe you are looking to heal your familial love with a broken family member. Or maybe you are looking for your soulmate. Whatever type of love you are looking for, it is a good crystal to have in your house or use it as a piece of fashionable jewellery such as a crystal bracelet.

Stimulates unconditional love and appreciation for love of one’s self. Rose quartz opens us up to sensitivity and allows us to have empathy and compassion for yourself and others. It has a very high energy, and this strong energy can enhance love in virtually any situation. It helps transmute heavy, sorrowful energies into a lighter, positive energy.

Rose quartz helps to heal the heart’s negative emotion, pain and improves relationships with your partner.

Rose quartz unblocks your heart chakra and helps you let go of issues like depression too. It suppresses feelings of anger and resentment that can develop when you are constantly feeling stressed. With this ability, it is popularly a major crystal to overcome depression and is used widely in the depression crystal agate bracelet from our line-up.

crystal agate bracelet

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