Crystals for peace and calm could help you better handle stress or life challenges. Discover calming crystals to assist one for inviting more peaceful energy and tranquility into life.

Over time, stress and worry can deplete energy and leave one feeling exhausted. One of the best things one can do in this situation is to reach for crystals and focus on some self-care. Often, when someone is worried it’s because they are not focused on the present moment. The right crystal can help them return to the now and ground their vibes.

For such purposes, where one would love to overcome small issues in their daily lives we suggest the use of crystals in the form bracelets. We offer stress bracelets, sleep braceletsanti depression bracelets, weight loss bracelets, success bracelets, protection bracelets and many more.

Look at some of the crystals for attaining peace within yourself. They help you with lots of positive energies they radiate from themselves, provide those healing energy vibes and also remove the negative energies within you.


While amethyst, celestite, and fluorite are the rockstars of calming stones, one that tends to fly under the radar is black tourmaline. ‘It’s thought of as a protection stone, but that’s actually what makes black tourmaline an effective crystal for calming.” The stone helps one build up boundaries between themself, and the situations, thoughts or people that weigh negatively on the energies.” When ones are able to cleanse and protect themself from these influences and sources of negative energy, they can make space for calmness, clarity, and centeredness.


For peace and calm, it is recommended to use the traditional green, blue-green, lavender or white varieties of Jade. The shade of color and clarity varies greatly but it usually has a waxy look. Jade carries meditative peaceful energy and encourages calmness and tranquility on the life path.


Known as “the intuitive eye,” amethyst is a purple crystal you can find in abundance. Amethyst fuses with the crown and third eye chakras to send peaceful vibes straight to where one needs them. Not only will it relax the mind, it also brings clarity so that one can better understand whatever situation may be causing stress.


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