All Crystal is living life forms. Precious stones have a real existence vitality of their own they are alive and for the most part, develop in bunches. They are a piece of the Mineral Kingdom developed in nature. Nonetheless, there are some that are artificially created. In spite of the fact that precious stones are accepted to be as old as the historical backdrop of our planet, I incline toward the theosophical clarification of the Mineral Kingdom, which gives us a more extensive and more inside and out point of view of our association with them. 

By the by, the reactions of awareness to outside upgrades in the mineral kingdom are far more prominent than numerous very acknowledge, and some of them are of nature which demonstrates that there is an unfolding of cognizance likewise in the astral lasting particle.

"With consistently, the personality between the creature and the physical man, between the plant and man, and even between the reptile and its home, the stone, and man, is increasingly more obviously appeared physical and compound constituents of all being observed to be indistinguishable. Concoction Science may well say that there is no contrast between the issue which makes the bull and that which frames man. In any case, the mysterious regulation is unmistakably increasingly express. It says: Not just the concoction mixes are the equivalent, yet a similar minute undetectable Lives make the molecules out of the collections of the mountain and the daisy, of man and the insect, of the elephant and of the tree which covers it from the sun. Every molecule – regardless of whether you call it natural or inorganic – is a Life."

Choosing an individual gem

 All gems 'vibrate' all alone individual recurrence. The recurrence they convey will figure out which gem you will be picked at one point in your life. You do pick distinctive precious stones as your needs change.

When you picked a precious stone – it appears to 'call' to you as though it has been hanging tight for you. This is on the grounds that you and that precious stone are on a similar recurrence. The precious stone will 'grab your attention' and you will feel a quick association, regardless of whether it isn't the gem you wanted. When you grasp the precious stone, you will feel an association of recurrence. A few people discover precious stones. A few people ' feel that precious stones discover them.

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