Amethyst: The properties and tips for use that make it desirable

Amethyst: The properties and tips for use that make it desirable

The amethyst quartz is a magnetic and fascinating stone. Our ancestors were unable to understand its physical nature, attributed its birth to water solidification processes. As was the case with rock crystal, they believed that the amethyst was solidified water with the power to prevent a man from losing mental lucidity even under the effect of alcohol. Amethystos means "the one who does not get drunk "

• Who is the amethyst aimed at?

Like all other stones with a trigonal crystal system, even the amethyst acts in a simple and direct manner. Therefore, it will find a greater affinity with you if you prefer a sober and peaceful lifestyle.

The meaning of the deep amethyst is: if you love to make thoughtful choices, if you are aware that every change requires time and dedication, then you are able to keep alive in you the greatest gift: that of balance.

It can prove to be a fundamental useful for those people who instead want to make their qualities perfect. If you want to get rid of stress, find your comfort zone (but don't settle down, because you'll learn everything is changeable) and learn to handle difficult situations with a clear mind, then you can decide to use the amethyst in its raw form, in the form of earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets.

The important thing is to always have it close.

1. Its physical benefits

The purple amethyst, precisely in terms of color, is connected to the sixth chakra. It works on the whole sphere of the nervous system, not just a psychological fact, but also as regards diseases such as headaches to fatigue.

2. Psychic and mental benefits

Keeping the amethyst close allows you to tackle problems under the right perspective. Looking through the lens of this quartz helps to see everything in a new dimension. Insurmountable problems take on the right dimensions and events will no longer enslave the person, but will be allies to achieve the goals.

3. Benefits on a spiritual level

In crystal therapy, the amethyst is used precisely for matters of the spirit. Find the greatest use here. As we have seen, it is a stone with a trigonal and therefore crystalline system, devoted to simplicity and immediacy. It helps to reach mental clarity, removing the unnecessary needs that deceive the body.

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