Amethyst – feel purified and connected to divine

Amethyst – feel purified and connected to divine

Amethyst is a crystal which acts as spiritual protection and purification. They are known as one of the most beneficial stones to have in one’s environment. Amethyst can assist in giving up bad habits and breaking addictions. Amethyst is believed to open up and clear the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. This makes it ideal and helpful for meditation and energy work.

 Greek and Roman societies believed to have a high value on the Amethyst healing powers and Amethyst was considered a gemstone of royalty, hence was used in crowns and jewels of bishops.

Amethyst stone has following benefits for the Body:

 1. Provides Serenity

Amethyst crystal carries soothing and tranquil energy that will help you unwind and relax. It is most helpful when you feel nervous or wound up. It eases your muscles and immediately it will help you to feel more stress-free and serene. 

 2. Helps with weight loss

Amethyst crystal can help you to lose weight in many ways. It balances metabolism thus, the body more efficiently burns the calories. It balances the hormones. It also helps us to easily avoid bad habits, which makes easy for us to stick to our diets, to eat healthier food and exercise regularly.

 3. Detoxifies the body

Amethyst cleanses the body from the inside out, thus it makes detoxification a major benefit of possessing this crystal. This process includes the cleansing and opening of the chakras, the cleansing of the blood and it removes the toxins from the body.

 4. Reduces headaches

Amethyst helps in overall pain relief, but specifically very effective on headaches. Crystal’s comforting energy calms the pain and helps reduce stress and fatigue which are the main causes of headaches.

 5 Help With Other Physical Issues

Amethyst is also extremely helpful with injuries. It improves the efficiency of the lungs, respiratory system, ears, and digestive tract.

 Amethyst stone has following benefits for the Mind

 Amethyst settles the mind and reduces mind chatter, which is the most challenging part of meditation. Amethyst's soothing energy balances the mind and emotions, which in turn reduces fear, anger, grief, and nervousness. This is one of the amethyst's most valued properties.

 Reduced scattered thoughts help us to focus, which in turn improves our memory, the thought process, and creativity.

 Amethyst is one of the most unbelievable healing stones available in the world. Get going to make optimum use of this crystal touching your body to experience its positive spark.

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