Amazonite: Meaning & Healing Properties

Meaning & Healing Properties
When it comes to healing crystals that are soothing for your mind and body, Amazonite is the first crystal that comes to mind. The captivating turquoise-green shade of this stone calms your mind and relieves every bit of stress from it.
This crystal is useful for soothing the chakras and aligning the physical body to the etheric. Amazonite stimulates the Throat and the Heart chakras and enhances communication on all levels.
This ancient stone gets its name from the largest river in South America, the Amazon. This stone is famous for its beauty and healing properties and has been used for centuries. This bluish-green stone is often associated with good luck and is a must-have crystal in your gem collection.
Just by looking at this stone, you can see that it reflects the rich and evergreen vibe of the Amazon rainforest and soothes your soul. The feldspar structure of the Amazonite crystal hosts a magical blend of lead and water.
This stone emits vibes that help your mind to release the stress and toxic emotions that lead to negative thoughts and depression.
Amazonite promotes good health by aiding in cell regeneration and healing after illness, trauma or injury and relieves muscle spasms. You can also use it to treat the disorders of the nervous system and blockages in the flow of neural impulses, as well as issues with the throat and thyroid gland.
Rubbing amazonite over the affected area can help to prevent infection, soothes rashes and heals blisters. Another important use of amazonite is that it shields you from the electromagnetic radiation. The electronic devices like television, mobile phone etc emit electromagnetic radiation that is not suitable to the human body.
Amazonite acts as a filter against this radiation and prevents it from reaching to you.
Healers place the amazonite crystal on your chest so that the vibrations from the crystal directly interact with your heart chakra which results in healing your mind. Amazonite is also used during meditation as it is known to boost your dreams and help you bring them into reality.
Amazonite is a very useful stone that has a powerful effect on your life. It will enhance your communication with the people in your life and help you develop strong and long-lasting relationships.
Thus, this crystal is a great addition to your crystal healing kit.

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