Amazonite: Discover the real truth for yourself

Amazonite Crystal

This ancient stone gets its name from the largest river in South America, the Amazon. This stone is famous for its beauty and healing properties and has been used for centuries. This bluish-green stone is often associated with good luck and is a must-have crystal in your gem collection. Just by looking at this stone you can see that it reflects the rich and evergreen vibe of the Amazon rainforest and soothes your soul. The feldspar structure of the Amazonite crystal hosts a magical blend of lead and water. Amazonite is majorly used in situations of turmoil and stress as it offers tranquility and peace of mind to its user. This stone emits vibes that help your mind to release the stress and toxic emotions that lead to negative thoughts and depression.

Since Amazonite is associated with the heart chakra, it is a powerful stone to calm your mind and soul. Healers place the amazonite crystal on your chest so that the vibrations from the crystal directly interact with your heart chakra which results in healing your mind. Amazonite is also used during meditation as it is known to boost your dreams and help you bring them into reality. Another important use of amazonite is that it shields you from the electromagnetic radiation. The electronic devices like television, mobile phone, etc emit electromagnetic radiation that is not suitable to the human body. Amazonite acts as a filter against this radiation and prevents it from reaching to you. It cleanses your aura of this energy.

Clarity of thoughts is a prime necessity if you wish to reach your desired goals in time. Haywire thoughts in the mind not only abstain you from having clarity but also lead to a stressful mindset. Amazonite, when used with moonstone, helps you to see a clear picture of the things that lie ahead in your journey of life. This combination will make you understand what you are and how you impact the people around you.

Amazonite is a very useful stone that has a powerful effect on your life. It will enhance your communication with the people in your life and help you develop strong and long-lasting relationships. It will also impart wisdom and confidence to tackle the difficult situations in your life. Amazonite will bring order to the chaotic situations in your life and help maintain an uninterrupted flow of positive energy through your body. This is possibly one of the best crystals that you can have with you.

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