All You Want To Know About Celestine The Blue Mineral

All You Want To Know About Celestine The Blue Mineral

The pale blue colored gemstone with a history of over thousands and thousands of years, Celestine is a healer stone. The stone got its name from the word celestial and thus, has strong connections with the divinity, angel realms, and heaven.

Celestine contains a mineral called Strontium and comes in various colors like yellow, white, and red, but its pale blue sky-like color is the one that has more powers and energies.

Celestine is often found in Poland, Peru, Libya, Britain and other surrounding areas. It is found inside Geodes, and sometimes, alongside Clear Quartz and Amethysts.

Why use Celestine?

Celestine is often called as the stone of the angels. It is calm and serene and spreads the same to its users. People who use this stone often feel that they are being watched over by their guardian angel.

Although modern technologies do not believe in angels and heaven and such things, it is not that these don’t exist. Celestine is primarily used to create a communication channel between the humans and the angels. The stone has strong lore attached to it and one that works for those who believe and for those who do not, it is perfectly ok.

The Celestine stone has high frequency and when it touches your skin, it brings a sense of peace and calmness in you, instantly uplifting your mood and making you feel good. The stone can prove to be a beautiful object as jewelry in your wardrobe but is such a pure stone that cleans your aura and removes stress and worry of any and every kind.

As the name suggests, the stone is used to communicate with the heavenly bodies and reach out to our guardian angel. It can be used to get divine intervention or guidance from the loved ones on the other side.

The stone works as a wonder for anyone who is in the creative field as it stimulates creativity and works well for business people too.

How should one use it?

Place a cluster of Celestine in areas that feel suffocated with negative energies and in places used to sleep, relax, and meditate as it helps in calming and relaxing the mind and soul. Keeping in the workplace will help in relieving stress and intimidation.

Placing it in the healing room will clean the space of negativity and attract angelic intervention.

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