All you need to know about agates

All you need to know about agates

Agate is a gemstone that can be worn as classy and elegant jewelry. You will always be able to find exactly what you are looking for because of this reason. There are various colors of the agate, but this beautiful stone can be identified by its signature bands and translucent luster. They come in a range of colors like pink, red, brown, white, purple, black, grey and yellow.

These crystals provide different healing properties depending on their variety and connect with the energy of the Earth. They bring harmony to the physical, spiritual and emotional being. It inspires you to be motivated and creative all the time.

However, there are certain methods to identify your agate and know more about the same. Here are a few ins and outs of agate.


You must always choose your stone on the basis of what you want and how you like the look. Since this stone comes in a variety of colors, you get to make your choices.


There are many shapes and sizes like round, pear, square and emerald. By cutting the stone properly, it will enhance the natural bands of the stone. It should also be cut according to the piece of jewelry that will be made with it to bring out its color and appearance.


It is very crucial for clarity to be present in an agate. You must make sure that your stone does not have any cracks and that it is clean. However, there are always some exceptions to this as varieties like moss, dendritic and plume has certain inclusions that make it more unique and enhances the value of the stone, hence making it relatively more expensive.


Agate is often found in large form and its used to make furniture, like tables and other crafts such as coasters. Some agates are used to make gemstones. You must always know what type of agate you are buying.


Glass is sometimes sold as agate, so you should watch out before you end up paying a hefty sum for a superior looking agate, which may actually be a normal piece of glass. You should also see to it that you don't end up buying poor quality agate at the price of an expensive one. Hence you should always check the reputation of the jeweler from whom you decide to buy it so that you know if they are trustworthy or not.

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