All you got to know about the crystal Iolite

Charm bracelets made of iolite is all you need to recover your lost balance, disorientation and motivation in life. 

Iolite crystal Charm bracelets is said to give you all that you have lost. The simplest ways to regain your lost balance is by using this crystal that is filled with the energy you need. Yes, Iolite for each one acts differently. 

Iolite reestablishes a feeling of point of view to the individuals who feel they are cursed, and moves anybody with a glamorous life to begin to get request little handy ways.  

Iolite reverberates with the vitality of nightfall, a lovely violet-blue that invigorates the astral bodies and mystic mindfulness. It uncovers domains past the standard waking awareness and is perfect for astral projection, dimensional and other inward vision works, and is fantastic for past-and substitute labor of love. 

Iolite is a stone of the dreams, enacting the visionary, innovative side of the brain, and getting to considerations and thoughts past the normal. It rouses innovative self-articulation through composition, tune, development and other creative undertakings. 

Use Iolite to fortify family situations. place in the living room of family. Iolite fixes problems within people connected. Iolite beaded bracelet is one of the best ways to use this stone in your daily life. 

We at crystal agates bring you Iolite beaded bracelet with combination of other stones to make it more energetic.

  1. The Ultimate Physic Abilities Bracelet

Charm bracelets

Tiger Eye

Revered as the “all-seeing all-knowing eye”, great for enhancing perception and and insight. This stone helps one to act in unison with their intuition.


Powerful healing stone that clears energy blockages from the aura and heightens psychic abilities and intuition. One of the best stones to use for protection against negative entities.


Has a delicate, yet powerful, healing energy which facilitates clairvoyant visions and intuitive insight. A stone of vision helping us to journey inward and connect with our angels.

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