All There Is To Know About Shungite Water

The Russians have harvested the superpowers of the Shungite water for centuries. It is a well-known phenomenon in the villages of Russia, where this special concoction is used for its many healing powers.
However, recently the magical prowess of Shungite water has been discovered and used by the rest of the world. So if you’re someone who has been recently influenced by someone preaching the holy mastery of the Shungite stone and want to know more about it, read further!
The Shungite stone comes from a small, but a significant village in Russia called Shunga. Geologists have tried to define the stone as a form of carbon, but have failed to accurately determine its molecular structure. It is supposedly similar but doesn’t show crystalline properties as a diamond or graphite does.
Shungite water can refer to a number of things, but in its essence, it is water infused with Shungite stone. It could either be drinking water infused with the rock, by passing through Shungite purifiers, or the water collected from the largest shungite deposit in the world at Lake Onega in Russia.
The Shungite water purifier is a powerful tool to remove phenol, iron, manganese, nitrates, chlorine, microorganisms etc. efficiently, making it not just a powerful elixir, but also a way to purify drinking water.
On important thing to note is that after infusing water with Shungite, it becomes acidic in nature, and requires alkalization before consumption.
Shungite water is considered very nourishing because it contains fullerenes which can feel very revitalizing. The water functions not just spiritually, but scientifically by boosting metabolism and other bodily functions.
It also boosts enzyme activity, making your feel reenergized and ready all day. People who are recovering from a disease or injury can draw some regenerative powers from Shungite water since it improves the healing ability of the tissues and influences the exchange of neurotransmitters.
It is also a good stress-buster. It also has anti-inflammatory properties because of its rich fullerene content.
In conclusion, an elixir made of Shungite has more healing powers than one can count. It is a complete solution for boosting regeneration and keep our immune systems healthy.

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