Achieving Hormonal Balance with the Help of Crystals!

Many men and all women experience hormonal fluctuations. Usually, the primmest example of a periodic hormonal imbalance is women going through their menstrual cycle every month.
But the most help is needed for women reaching their menopause. This is an event in every woman’s journey, where they go through serious changes mentally and physically. These fluctuations cause physical and mental irregularities which can be annoying.
There are pharmaceutical options to keep them in check, but there’s only so much that pills can do! When it’s the matter of the mind, we need support from the divine powers of nature! In this case, this help comes from crystal healing.
Moonstone: A stone synonymous with inner growth and strength, Moonstone will help most people healthily approach new beginnings. It is excellent for hormonal balance during pregnancy, PMS, conception, or childbirth.

Labradorite: This stone is a specialist in balancing menstrual hormonal imbalance. It helps you with the mental stuff, by re-enforcing your self-image, banishing insecurities, removing negativity, and strengthening intuition.

Citrine: It is a protection stone that cleanses and energizes your home and workspace. It is very adept at balancing the symptoms of menopause. If placed in your wealth corner, it attracts abundance.

Clear Quartz: Such imbalance in hormones can be the seed to mental health issues. These issues can also be balanced through crystals like Clear Quartz which is well regarded worldwide to be the master healer. It aids the immune system and relieves pain too!

Aventurine: Aventurine stimulates metabolism, and gets rid of suppressed fear, promotes compassion, and dispels negativity. It is great for balancing blood, migraine headaches, inflammation, and skin troubles.

Black Tourmaline: This mystical black stone is rich with intellectual arousal, providing emotional stability, self-understanding, and vitality. It also protects you from EMFs and other radiation.

Green Calcite: This stone is for people seeking transformation in life. It creates the energy of abundance and has excellent powers of manifestation. It is good for spiritual balance, strengthening communication, and mental fortitude.

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