A step by step guide to using crystals for your home

We are very attached to our homes. It is our personal space that reflects our personality and interests, so they should also reflect our energy. Do you want a certain vibe in a certain part of a room? There is a crystal for each part of the house. Let's help you choose what stone to place where. 

A step by step guide to using crystals for your home

For the Bedroom:

If you want a crystal that helps you sleep and relax, what better than one that invokes feelings of peace and unconditional love? Rose Quartz brings your soul to open up to vulnerabilities and promotes love. It helps you get rid of tensions and influences empathy, forgiveness, and lowered stress. You can keep a Selenite under the bed or pillow for a good sleep and sweet dreams.

For the Kid’s Room:

Celestite crystals are calming and soothing as it helps counteract anxieties and serves as a light to overcome the bad shadows. You can also keep a Blue Lace Agate on the bedside table as it brings tranquillity to you and relieves any stress, nervousness or anxiety. Smoky Quartz stabilizes and absorbs any unwanted or overactive energy.

For the Kitchen:

Carnelian delivers confidence, boosts creativity, stimulates motivation and increases stamina in the kitchen. Citrine can also be put on the window sills to receive extra joy while you prepare food with a positive spirit. You can also place a Clear Quartz Point that will keep the energy pure and clean and will transform the space into a positive place for family meals.

For the Living Room:

Amethyst generates a relaxing, rejuvenating space and acts as an air purifier that clears negativity and emits positive energy. It continuously brings you light and abundance. Place a Fluorite Plate on your coffee table as it brings balance and harmony and gets rid of any stress or worries that are clogging your mind.

For the Bathroom:

Himalayan Salt Rocks are the best stones for your bathroom space as they relieve tension from both your mind and body. It soothes your overall spirit. You can also place a Clear Quartz to purify your spirit. A Rose Quartz washes away the stress of the day and reminds you to indulge in self-care.

Based on our energy, the home energy reflects it too. If we are sad or grieving, it will be the same as your home. Such dismay will appear within the home as well. This is why it is advisable to keep a good vibe at your home and cleanse the energy regularly. If you make your home bright, it will reflect in your mood as well. 

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