A Simple Remedy For Headache Using Sugilite

A Simple Remedy For Headache Using Sugilite
This crystal is also known as the love stone because it embodies the perfection of Divine love and the manifestation of this energy on the Earth plane. This crystal brings gifts of wisdom and spiritual devotion, helping one to understand that Truth is the highest form of love and living in one’s truth is not only healing but empowering.
This crystal is highly beneficial for awakening the Crown chakra. Sugilite infuses the body with light and brings spiritual and unconditional love in through the crown and down to the root chakra.
This crystal is a powerful attractor of healing energies and it helps to counter the mental and emotional stresses that create many of the illnesses and diseases of the physical body. This crystal shows you the positive ray of hope in the darkest of situations and gives you the much-needed hope.
Sugilite promotes an understanding of the mind and body and how illnesses and disease may result from chronic stress, emotional turmoil and lack of love.
The energy of this stone is believed to bring the nerve centres and brain hemispheres into balance, calming the sense and energetically releasing tension and fear.
It is thought to relieve emotional disturbances and also relieves headaches. The presence of Manganese within Sugilite helps to absorb negative energy and is an excellent pain reliever for headaches, joint pain and discomfort.
This stone provides grounding energies to all those who are socially awkward and suffering from mental illnesses. The energy alleviates grief and sorrow and lends the strength to face difficulties and recognize there is a bigger picture of which one is an integral part. This is a wonderful aid for eliminating anger, hostility, jealousy and prejudices.
This is a crystal that encourages forgiveness and helps cultivates the ability to love and be loved without neediness. You can wear this stone in the form of jewellery or you can keep it with you in your pocket.
To sum it up, this crystal is one of the best there is when it comes to calming your mind and offering optimism.

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