A Comprehensive Guide on Combing Crystals Together

The world of crystals is so vast, that when people start getting into them, they find a bunch of different stones that they feel can help them. This leads them to impulsively buy and collect many stones without understanding how different crystals work in the presence of each other.
Sometimes, these stones have conflicting, clashing energy that can make them hamper and cancel out each other’s positive effects. A lot of people like to make chakra bracelets that have 7 or more stones.
These sometimes don’t work because the user without having a fair idea about how these crystals work in combinations, buys anything they feel like. This can result in impotency of the stones, lightheadedness, and other negative repercussions.
Not all stones have to be compatible with each other because they share some metaphysical properties. It’s important to figure out what does one wants to achieve with the crystals, and then start choosing the stones in their arsenal.
Having a clear idea about your purpose is the first step in having a successful and potent collection of crystals. When it comes to compatibility, some stones work well with others when they have a few elements and properties in common.
Stones are usually compatible when they are of the same colour. This indicates that they have the same elemental composition, and in turn, similar properties. Such stones work well in tandem with each other and amplify each other's positive attributes.
Another aspect that helps you pick the right combination is the stones associated with a particular zodiac sign. Compatible stones tend to have the same meanings, energies, properties, and mineral groups. Combining stones based on what crystal family they belong to also works wonders.
For example, all stones in the Quartz family are more likely to be compatible than a quartz crystal being combined with jade. Stones can also be combined based on what elemental power they favour. Like, stones said to be earth stones are better suited with each than an earth stone with a water stone.
Using this knowledge, I hope you can find the right combination of stones to bring you, health wealth, and prosperity!

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