A Beginners Guide to Pick the Perfect Crystal for Someone Else

There are more than 200 crystals present in the world, all providing different energies and ailments. Picking the right crystal for the right individual is very important. Every person is different and has different expectations and needs from life.
This is why picking a stone for yourself is easier than picking one for another. Crystals make excellent gifts for friends and family members. It’s best when someone is buying a crystal for someone they know intimately.
Because picking a stone with an outsider's perspective can be tricky. But you have found your path to the right blog to help you pick out that perfect stone.
The first thing you’ll need to know is the recipient’s biggest non-materialistic need from life. Are they suffering from a phase of financial loss? Are they having trouble finding a romantic significant other? Do they have crippling mental blockades they need help with?
Predicting these things is directly dependent on how well you know the person and basic intuition. The right stone might increase their appreciation for life, or have a completely null effect on them and just end acting as a piece of jewelry.
So depending on common intent for buying a stone, here is a guide to what could be the best buy for your loved ones.
  • Love:
    It’s common knowledge that Rose Quartz is the pale pink colored stone that helps people attract their soulmates. It also improves pre-existing relationships.
    • Health:Clear Quartz is considered the master healer of all gemstones. But Turquoise and Aventurine are also known to help in certain cases.
    • Money: Most people are unhappy with their current financial situation, so this might be a common category. Citrine and Agate are known to help people find more success, which usually translates into more money.
    • Creativity: So many people are trying to get into hobbies or professions that require above average creativity. If you’re looking to gift a crystal to someone like that, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz would be the perfect gift.
    • Positive Thought: So many people these days have trouble feeling positive. Jade or Watermelon Tourmaline is the perfect gift for someone looking for a little positive reinforcement to their psyche.
    • Studying: If you’re looking to gift a crystal to a student, Fluorite or Aquamarine can be the perfect gift, since they promote concentration powers.
    • Weight Loss: Weight loss seems to be so important for many people because it helps them get a better self-image. Topaz is known as a stone that is perfect for people with a slow metabolism.

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