A Beginners Guide on Healing Crystals

A Beginners Guide on Healing Crystals

For anyone who is just stepping into the world of crystal healing, it can be really overwhelming. There are crystals everywhere, of every size - big and small, every possible color, and for every purpose one can imagine and know where to start is a big dilemma one can face.

Here, we are with a guide to take you through how one can take upon healing crystals.

Know your inner self

First and foremost, it is important to understand your inner self. Trust your inner self. To understand the crystals, you should be able to understand your connection with them. You will not get the answers anywhere outside of you. Before getting to know the crystals, know your own inner self. Once you find the crystal of your choice and one that suits you, you can proceed further.

The right crystal shape

While the shape of the crystal does not affect the power of the crystal, it does make a difference in the usage. Here are the most popular crystal shapes one can find and how one should use them.

• Pyramids

One of the most commonly used shapes in the field of crystal healing; pyramids are the most effective one for mediation purpose. Used since the ancient times, pyramids help in beaming the concentrated energies into the universe. Writing down your intention on a piece of paper and placing the pyramid of the crystal of your choice will work wonders.

• Cluster

The clusters are the most beautiful and powerful shape since a group of crystals is formed with multiple points directing to one matrix. Placing the cluster anywhere will help you elevate positive energy within the space you want to.

• Cube

One shape that is known to have a calming effect in the space it is placed, cubes are again a quite popular shape and are associated with the Root Chakra, and thus, they are the grounding stones. Placing them in each corner of the room will create a protective armor within the room.

Other more popular shapes are a heart, sphere, point, and harmonizers.

Cleaning your crystals

Another important aspect of using crystals and we cannot really stress enough on the importance of it is cleansing them on a regular basis in order to avoid energy overload and subsequent dimming of the crystals. Here is how you can go about cleansing them.
- Sage smoke
- Sunlight or moonlight
- Quartz crystal
- Earth soil

As for beginning with crystals, your intentions need to be clear and understand the basics. Working under an expert guide can help in having a better and deeper understanding of the same.

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