7 Best Stones for Protection During Travel

7 Best Stones for Protection During Travel

Who doesn’t like to travel? Traveling is an essential part of our life as it helps us to relieve stress, explore new places, meet new people and get an insight into the different cultures the world has to offer. But the idea of traveling also gets a few people anxious and worried about things like flight delays, last-minute cancellations, jet lag, nausea, etc. Some are also worried about potential mishaps that may occur and this affects their mood altogether. To prevent this, there are a few crystals which you can carry along with you while traveling as they have properties that are beneficial in tackling the travel-related fear and anxiety.

1.) Malachite: If you get anxious while flying, always carry malachite with you as it will help you to soothe your nerves. Holding it close to your chest and taking deep breaths will calm you down and make you more positive and free of anxiety. Malachite absorbs your worries and negative energies and forms a protective shield over you, which allows you to remain optimistic and stress-free.

2.) Amethyst: This is considered to be one of the most powerful crystals for protection. It repels the negative energies that you might encounter during your travel and helps you to remain peaceful. Amethyst is considered to bring you good luck while traveling to foreign places. Amethyst also possesses a unique property which helps to regularize your sleep cycles and counter jet lag.

3.) Moonstone: A traveler always fears to lose his luggage on a flight or due to theft while traveling to unknown places. Precious items like phones, credit cards or passport, if lost, may lead to a devastating effect on the entire journey. To avoid this, you must always carry a moonstone with you as it protects your luggage from getting stolen or misplaced, thereby ensuring a cheerful journey. Just keep the moonstone in your luggage and relieve yourself from any luggage related anxiety. Moonstone also has an added advantage that it helps to prevent jetlag and tackle insomnia while traveling.

4.) Smoky Quartz: This stone has a special quality that helps to repel the negative energies that tend to interfere with your journey. It protects you from the chaotic energies that are emitted by other travelers. Smoky Quartz also protects you from getting disoriented and helps to keep you alert in unfamiliar surroundings.

5.) Aquamarine: Many times a foreign journey includes traveling over water while in flight or traveling by a cruise and not everyone is comfortable doing the same. Many people have a fear of drowning or are susceptible to seasickness. Aquamarine is a stone that is best suited for such situations as it helps you to remain calm and composed while traveling over water and prevents you from seasickness as well.

6.) Shungite: This is an ideal crystal to keep on you while traveling by air as it helps you to feel more energized and stable. Since your body absorbs the electromagnetic radiation while on the airports or during flights, the carbon-filled Shungite helps to neutralize this radiation and balance your aura.

7.) Selenite: After a long and tiring day, travelers tend to feel devoid of energy as they have attracted a lot of negative energy from the surroundings. Selenite helps to deflect these energies and ensure that your own energy remains pure. It also helps to recharge you by restoring your energy and cleanses your aura of any toxic energies. Apart from this, Selenite also acts as a recharger for the other crystals that you carry and cleanses them of any negativity.

Traveling should always be an enjoyable experience and should be free from any kind of stress or anxiety. The crystals mentioned above will help to boost your happiness and experience a delightful journey.

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