6 quick easy methods to cleanse your crystals

  6 quick easy methods to cleanse your crystals

The crystals during their use come into contact with many types of energy, not all of them positive; for this reason, it is important to purify them frequently.

  • Why Purify the Crystals

Crystals must be purified daily if we use them in a crystal therapy session or if we wear them because they come into contact and protect us from negative vibrations (living energies), which we can unconsciously absorb from the environment or from the people around us.

  1. Purification with Salt (Very Effective)

Very invasive method, it erases all information, energies, and programming of a crystal, resets its energies, making it similar to a 'blank page",

This method of purification is recommended when we buy a new stone or when we feel strong discomfort with it; we do not know what energy has stored or who has touched it, therefore we limit the interaction as much as possible until we have purified It

  1. Water Purification (Effective)

Water purification is suitable for crystals that come into contact with low energy levels, which have been exposed in crowded environments without direct contact or to discharge them at the end of the day.

  1. Purification with the Earth (Effective)

It is one of my favorite methods as it purifies and recharges the stone at the same time: lay the stone on dry ground (do not bury it) in a vase or even better a garden where plants are present (particularly suitable are the Roses against negativity thanks to thorns).

It is a procedure to be avoided if a plant is sick or thin, as if it is already weakened or if the stone is too full of negative energies, it can suffer a strong recoil which can cause it to die quickly.

  1. Purification with Incense

It is possible to use sandalwood incense to purify the crystals (the incense is composed of many small light beings with will and visible to those with clairvoyant qualities): hold the crystal in your hand turning it so that all sides of the crystal they are exposed uniformly to the spirals of incense.

  1. Purification with Green Clay (Very Effective)

It represents a very valid purification method and an excellent alternative to salt: it only takes an hour to reach a good degree of cleanliness.

The ventilated green clay is available in herbal medicine: thanks to its absorbing power it will purify our crystals.

 Pour the ventilated green clay into a dry earthenware bowl, wood or glass and lay the stone on top, leaving into rest for a few hours or overnight.

  1. Purification with the Druse of Amethyst (Effective)

It is possible to use a Druze of Amethyst or la in Quartz (a particular crystal form) to purify our crystals: between the two the most suitable is the amethyst dense.

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