5 Unexpected Ways to Use Crystals For Healing

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Crystals For Healing

Nowadays you can see crystals almost everywhere. For example, if you are in a gift shop buying a gift for your loved ones, there are great chances that you might find a few crystals kept on the shelf for sale. This was not the case a few years back because back then people needed to visit certain healers or dedicated crystal sellers if they wished to buy these stones. However, crystals have gained a lot of popularity now and people have a lot of knowledge as well regarding these crystals. People tend to buy crystals based on the problems they need to address and they keep those crystals at their homes, offices or sometimes even carry with them on the go. However, many are still unaware of the unexpected ways by which they can use those crystals. These ways are quite different from the common methods of using the crystals. Let’s learn about these ways below:

1. Prepare crystal elixir: This is one of the ways of working with crystals which not everyone is aware of. A crystal elixir is nothing but the water which is infused with crystals. Before preparing an elixir, one should be aware of which crystals are safe to be immersed in water. There are different types of crystals available in this world and not all of them are suitable to be used in water. Once you have identified the safe crystals, all you need to do is cleanse them under moonlight or with water. After this, just add the crystal to your water and keep it stable for some time so that it will allow the crystal properties to get mixed with water. If you are still unsure about drinking water, then you can just tape the crystal to your bottle from the outside and then use it for healing purposes.

2. Prepare a crystal grid: A crystal grid is made by using a combination of different crystals together. This grid helps to amplify the power of those crystals such that they work together in harmony and offer you the desired result. When you prepare a grid, think about what you want to achieve with the help of these crystals so that you can charge them with your intention. It is to be noted that the crystals used to form a grid should have the same general properties and should also be suitable for you.

3. Using them as a cleansing tool: Crystals do a lot of work for us and improve our lives in one way or another. While doing this, the crystals tend to absorb the toxic elements from your aura and the surroundings which dampens their power to some extent. Hence crystals need to be cleansed regularly and there are specific crystals for this purpose as well. Selenite, carnelian, and clear-quartz are some examples of self-cleansing crystals that can be used to cleanse other crystals, objects or yourself. All you need to do is just place them near those things and let them work their magic.

4. Making your plants healthy: This property of crystals is very rarely known by crystal users. You can place the crystals near your plants or inside a potted plant to enhance them naturally. These crystals emit vibes that help your plants grow and stay healthy. You just need to ensure that the crystal which you are using inside the potted plant is safe to be used in water. If it is not, make sure to remove it before watering the plants and place it back once the soil has dried.

5. Crystal pendulum dowsing: Dowsing can be defined as a technique for searching anything invisible by observing the motion of a pointer or changes in the direction of the pendulum. You can form a crystal pendulum by yourself and then use it to answer yes/no questions. The crystal pendulum channels your energy and acts as a receiver and a transmitter of information and moves in different ways in response to your questions.

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