5 Things to Know Before You Buy A Healing Crystal

5 Things to Know Before You Buy A Healing Crystal

Crystals are one of the most beautiful and magical things ever gifted to humans by mother nature. These crystals have specific properties that have been utilized by humans for thousands of years to bring about a change in their life. Nowadays, not just common people but even celebrities have started endorsing these crystals which have led to a sharp spike in their popularity. People have started acknowledging these crystals and are willing to give them a try. For a person who is a complete beginner in the field of crystal healing, there are a few things he needs to consider before buying a healing crystal. Not everything about this industry is as magical and glamorous as they say it is. There are a few red alerts as well which you should be aware of before you start investing in crystals.

Some of these points are mentioned below:

1. What are crystals and are they magical? Crystals are naturally occurring rock formations that have been valued for their unique shape, texture, and luminosity. These crystals have been used for the past thousands of years by our ancestors and they incorporated them in their daily lives, rituals, medicine, and divination. But today, science has proved that these crystals do not have such ‘magical’ properties. However, science has not been able to explain the connection the humans share with these crystals. People strongly believe that these stones help them lead a better life and which is what has made this industry a multi-billion dollar wellness market.

2. There is no transparency in the supply chain: A few years back, crystals were available at only selected shops, but today you can see that they are almost everywhere. However, not all sellers will have an authentic paper trail leading to their source because there are only a few mines in this world that ensure less harm to the environment while mining these crystals. The remaining mines, on the other hand, use inhuman and unethical ways that damage the environment as well as the local society.

3. Mining them causes land and water pollution: Most of the crystals are mined from countries where there is no way of regulating the mining methods. These places do not have a stable government as well and hence it becomes difficult to monitor the mining activities. As a result, most companies dump unnecessary waste into nearby water bodies or vacant land. This not only contaminates the environment but also severely hampers the ecological balance over there as well.

4. Child labor and low wages are commonplace: As mentioned earlier, most of the crystal mining takes place in underdeveloped countries where it is difficult to regulate it in an authentic manner. As a result, child labor has seen a sharp rise in recent years and men, as well as women, are made to work for long hours in these mines at minimum wages. Since the locals have no other source of income, they tend to work even in such horrifying conditions.

5. Are they really helpful? If you are a person who is favor of science, then these crystals are nothing but common colorful gemstones that you can use to enhance your home décor or wear in the form of jewelry to look stylish and trendy. However, if you are of a spiritual type and if you feel that these crystals do bring about a positive change in your life, then you must use them. If one strongly believes in these crystals, then he should definitely go for them as they do not have any negative impact on your life, if used properly.

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