5 Steps to Meditate With Crystals

5 Steps to Meditate With Crystals

Meditation is the best way to connect with your body and soul. It not only helps us to relax but also clears our mind by releasing negative energy and unwanted thoughts. Spiritually speaking, you lose yourself into another world while meditating. This allows you to entirely disconnect yourself from the current world and feel relaxed and at peace. But such a level of meditation is only possible if you have a calm mind that is free from numerous, unproductive thoughts. Crystals are thus being used to deepen the meditation. These crystals also help to raise your consciousness by promoting intuition and clarity. Meditating with the help of crystals has to be done systematically and can be explained with the following steps:

1. Choosing the right crystal for meditation: It is very important to choose the right crystal for your meditation for it is this crystal which is going to offer the necessary boost to your meditative powers. To check whether a crystal suits you or not, hold it in your palm and check whether the crystal makes you dizzy, gives you scary visions, makes you feel uneasy, etc. Try keeping that crystal with you for a day or sleep with it. If you see any kind of symptoms mentioned above, then that crystal is not meant for you and if you feel relaxed and at peace, then that crystal suits you.

2. Choosing the right place for meditation: The place where you meditate has a lot of significance. If you choose a place that is full of distractions, then it will be difficult for you to achieve focus amidst the ruckus. To avoid this, choose a place that is far from all the noise and distractions so that you will be able to achieve a focused mind that is free of all the thoughts.

3. Understand the purpose: Before you start meditating with your crystal, you need to identify the purpose of your meditation. Since your mind is the most relaxed while meditating, having a pre-defined purpose lets you concentrate all your energy on the thing which you desire. This attracts all the good vibes to your purpose which helps you to achieve it more quickly.

4. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing: If you wish to move into an undisturbed, peaceful state of being then don't forget to close your eyes completely. Once you do it, try breathing slowly and focus on its flow. Simply go with the natural pace of your breath and try to relax your mind as much as you can.

5. Feel the energy of the crystal: Think of your crystal as a tool that is going to help you to dwell deeper in your mind to help you target those spots which are having a negative effect on your life. Try to absorb the energy of the crystal and use it to release the blockage at those spots and cleanse your mind of all the toxicity. Focus the energy on your intention and let the power of the crystal work its magic on it.

There will be a point when you will feel at peace and detached from the outside world. Try to absorb that moment as much as you can for it is the true point of tranquility. Open your eyes slowly post your meditation and thank the crystal for helping you in achieving a peaceful state of mind. Keep that crystal in some safe place where it will be readily available in the future to help you heal.

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