5 Reasons You Should Get a Ghost Quartz Crystal

5 Reasons You Should Get a Ghost Quartz Crystal

Ghost quartz, also known as the Phantom quartz is a variety of clear quartz and is considered to have powerful healing vibes that it gets due to the rare and unique formations created from the interruptions in its growth. This stone is actually made up of two crystals – the primary growth and secondary growth. It begins developing as one stone and then pauses as the growth of a new stone begins. When the secondary growth stops, the primary growth begins again and envelops the crystal, which gives it a ‘ghost-like’ appearance. This crystal has a lot of healing properties that can make your life easy and bring clarity to it. Being a stone of transition, it can help relieve stress, anxiety, and fear.  In case you are considering adding this unique crystal to your personal set, here are five reasons that you have made the right choice:

1. Effective aura cleanser: Your aura is something that has a lot of effect on your overall behavior and well-being. If your aura is affected by some toxic energies then you might feel low and negative in life and can even face certain challenges. The phantom quartz is a crystal that cleanses your aura and dispels the energies that hamper your personal energy field. This crystal also clears your aura of any negative thoughts or emotions that are preventing the positive flow of energy in your life.

2. Good spiritual guide: This crystal works on increasing your spiritual development. Since this crystal has a very slow formation process, it has absorbed knowledge and wisdom that can help you put your past in perspective. The phantom quartz will guide you in your spiritual journey and show you the right path for achieving equilibrium of mind and soul. This stone is a very good facilitator for self-growth, self-healing and encourages the detoxification process of your mind as well.

3. Aids in meditation: This stone is known to activate or enhance your healing abilities and help you in forming a stronger connection with the energies of the universe. Phantom quartz releases all the unproductive thoughts that have cluttered in your mind and makes it flow with positive energy that offers you clarity and peace of mind. These soothing and relaxing energies help you to achieve the meditative state very quickly.

4. Good for relationships: Getting into a relationship or maintaining an existing one is a very daunting task. People often do not realize the struggle and efforts required to keep someone involved with them. Phantom quartz is a stone that clears the mind of such people and makes them see the obstacles that are preventing them from finding their true love. This stone also heightens your overall awareness and stimulates your heart such that you develop an affectionate attitude towards other people which helps in strengthening the relationships as well.

5. Helps to attract wealth: The healing powers of this crystal help you to work on a complicated project and complete it in the most suitable and efficient way. Phantom quartz also revitalizes your mind and makes it more creative so that you are able to come up with new and interesting ideas that would bring prosperity and wealth to your life. The powers of this crystal help to attract will power and good luck in your life which when coupled with your persistent efforts, brings in abundance and success.

Similar to a quartz crystal and its ability to program a watch, the phantom quartz is also programmable. This means that it can store your intentions for you so that you can call on it for support whenever you need it. All you need to do is trust in the power of this crystal and it will do wonders for you.

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