5 Powerful Crystals For Teenagers

5 Powerful Crystals For Teenagers
Teenage is a very delicate phase in every person’s life.
Most of us have gone through this phase and we know how difficult it becomes for teenagers to adjust to everything that goes on around them.
For starters, children are very restless and tend to have a jumping mindset which makes them unable to concentrate on a particular task.
Teenagers are often angry and ungrounded and do not have the correct mindset which makes them revolt against their parent's decision.
Crystals can prove to be very effective in healing these children because crystals have properties that can specifically target emotions like over anxiety, stress, anger, etc.
These stones can help to offer a direction to a teenager’s life and help them have a stable mindset.

A few of these crystals are mentioned below:

Rose quartz

rose quartz

This particular list could never be complete without this crystal.
Rose quartz is the “universal stone of love” and is specifically used by people who have a lot going on in their heads.
The calming and peaceful energy of this crystal promotes love inside the teenagers and opens their hearts to accept love and compassion from their surroundings.
This helps to mellow down their agitation and bring some peace of mind to them.
Rose quartz reduces stress and anxiety, which is why it is ideal for children and teens.



This master healing crystal helps to transmute the negative thoughts of your child into positive ones.
It works with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras which assists in bringing in spiritual clarity and love.
Amethyst is great for teenagers as it supports them during their “transition period” into adulthood by diffusing pain and anxiety.
Amethyst also helps to clear unwanted energies and creates a protective bubble that prevents any toxic elements from harming you in any way.



This crystal is known to promote peace, harmony, and truth as it interacts with the Third Eye and Throat chakras.
Sodalite allows access to the subconscious and intuitive abilities and offers mental clarity. Sodalite also protects teenagers from EMF radiation to which they are exposed as a result of constantly using their computer, TV or mobile. Sodalite removes every bit of nervousness from your child and promotes confidence inside him which helps him to tackle the complicated situation in his life.

Clear Quartz


Teenagers have a revolting attitude because they often lack clarity.
They are not able to see the bigger picture which their parents try to show to them.
Clear quartz is a stone which offers clarity to their mind and helps them to see through the distractions in their life.
This crystal clears and activates the crown chakra which is the energy center for thoughts and dreams.
Clear quartz also increases their awareness and imparts emotional balance to their life.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

A negative mind is a breeding ground for anger, anxiety as well as fear.
It becomes very necessary to clear all the negative thoughts from one’s mind if he/she wants to achieve success in life.
Black tourmaline is a crystal that is known to remove negativity from your mind and body.
It also protects from EMF radiation to which teenagers are often exposed.
This crystal also acts as a strong spiritual grounding stone that stabilizes a teenager’s mind.
There are many other crystals like smoky quartz, selenite and blue lace agate which have similar properties and help to promote stability to teenagers.
There is a wrong notion prevalent in this world that crystals are meant for adults.
Crystals are actually more useful for teenagers and children than adults, provided one knows how to use them for their benefit.

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