5 Powerful Crystals for Shamanic Journeying

5 Powerful Crystals for Shamanic Journeying

The word ‘Shaman’ originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. This word is not just limited to ‘magical practices’ but also includes spiritual practices as a whole. Shamanic people are individuals who have the art of establishing a deep connection with nature. The Shamanic practices include drum circles or dance where people get together and experience a spiritual journey. They gain wisdom about themselves or their past and get in a different state of mind for some amount of time. This practice allows them to disconnect with the physical world and form a bond with the powers that make them realize their true self. There are some crystals in existence that are known to enhance these practices and help in easily accessing the powers that lie beyond the physical world. Following is a list of 5 such crystals:

1. Lapis lazuli: This stone was widely used by the Pharaohs of Egypt for its powerful ability to bring about insight and spiritual transformation. This stone is also called the “Stone of Truth’ because it enhances your visions and shows you the true meaning of your life. This stone is mainly associated with the Third-eye and Throat Chakra. This stone brings awareness to the soul, activates the Third-eye and enhances intuition. Lapis lazuli can assist in recalling past life while being in a state of meditation.

2. Iolite: This stone is considered to be ideal for Shamanic journeying because it enhances the psychic abilities of individuals. Associated with the Third-eye chakra, this stone helps to enhance your visions during Shamanic journeying or meditation. This stone is well-suited for astral travel and astral projections and helps you to connect with your past life. Iolite also helps a person to release his fears that are hindering his spiritual growth.

3. Amethyst: This is one of the most powerful crystals that have transcendental properties. Amethyst is mainly used to open the Third-eye chakra and the Crown chakra which enables you to connect with the powers in another dimension. This stone helps to increase your intuitive skills by calming your mind and increasing your focus while meditating. Thus it also implies that this stone is ideal for meditation and should be kept closed while you are about to begin your Shamanic journey.

4. Lemurian quartz: This stone belongs to the lost civilization of Lemuria which was considered to be a peaceful and spiritually advanced civilization. These crystals are said to be programmed by the Lemurian people with their teachings of love and oneness so that future generations can benefit from them. This stone aids in spiritual awakening and amplifies the power of prayers and wishes. If you use the Lemurian quartz during the Shamanic journey, then you will be able to connect with a higher state of consciousness. This stone is also used to remove energy blockages from all chakras and awaken one’s connection to wholeness.

5. Nuumite: This stone is often called as the “Magician’s Stone” because it aids in the spiritual journey and soul retrieval. This stone is mined only in Greenland and is one of the oldest stones on earth. This stone strengthens your energy field and creates spiritual grounding. This stone enhances your personal power so that you are able to achieve a strong connection with the universal power and gain access to the unconscious layers of your mind.

Shamans have used the crystals mentioned above to access other realms of consciousness for thousands of years. They aid in the Shamanic journey and make it smoother by removing any distractions or blockages from it. The vibrations of these crystals facilitate the change of your level of awareness with ease.

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