5 Must Have Crystals For Senior Citizens

5 Must Have Crystals For Senior Citizens
Life beyond 60 is filled with a lot of happiness and memories. Aged people often tend to bask in the sweet memories of their adult or childhood life which tend to keep them in a happy mood.
However, there are many downsides to being a senior citizen as well. Physically, these people are less active than before and face many issues like joint pain, backache, high/low blood pressure, and even heart problems in some cases.
In a few cases, there is emotional pain involved as well and it cannot be underestimated. People beyond 60 years of age are very delicate on the inside and hence need external help in the form of support or advice.
Healing crystals can be used by such people to overcome their emotional as well as physical issues. These crystals and stones often instill the required amount of happiness and energy inside such people and help them to get over their personal issues.
Few of such energy crystals mentioned below can help to make their life easier by giving them a new reason to live and continue on the path of joy.


amethyst crystal

This master healer can help seniors in many ways.
For starters, the healing properties of Amethyst can help transmute the negative energies inside a person into positive ones and can help them to tackle emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, and depression.

The crystal therapies of amethyst are primarily associated with the physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia and balancing the crown chakra.



Called as the “stone of transition”, Lepidolite assists in the release and reorganization of old behavioral and psychological patterns, gently inducing change.
This healing stone also brings deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress and depression.

It dissipates negativity and insists on being used for good. The energy stone also counters the signs of aging like emotional trauma, fear, and other physical issues.



As you get old, your eyesight is the first thing that gets hampered. Old people are unable to see clearly and have blurred vision.
Aquamarine is a crystal stone that can help to tackle this issue. This is a stone of courage and has calming energies that reduce stress and quiet the mind. Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people too.

It improves your eyesight and makes you see clearly. It invokes tolerance of others and overcomes judgementalism.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

This is the stone of universal love. Rose Quartz has to be there around senior people because the loving energies of this stone help seniors to see the good around them and also opens up their heart to accept the love from the surroundings.
It restores trust and harmony in relationships and encourages unconditional love.

Rose quartz tackles memory loss in senior people by keeping their memory sharp and by helping them remember the important things in their life.



This energy crystal has healing powers that help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and energy healing and chakra balancing.
The crystal therapies of amethyst are primarily associated with filtering out stress, healing traumas and soothing energies in the home and workplace.

This healing stone is ideal for dealing with osteoporosis as well which is a common condition that ails senior citizens.

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