5 Most Popular Feng Shui Crystals

5 Most Popular Feng Shui Crystals
Crystals have been used for feng shui for many years and they have proven to bring about a good and positive feng shui energy in the house. When it comes to feng shui, crystals are specifically used to harness positive energy and vibrations that would keep your home happy and healthy. Apart from this, the feng shui crystals are also used for other purposes like protection, love, grounding, etc. Crystals work in mystical ways to keep you safe, remove negativity from your life and boost you with the necessary motivation and confidence. And there is actually a better way to harness this energy of crystals by means of feng shui. Following is a list of five crystals that can improve your home:

1. Clear quartz: This is a very versatile crystal that is associated with happiness, clarity of mind and goodwill. Being a colorless crystal, clear quartz is a top choice for feng shui crystals by many interior designers because it can easily go with any kind of interior and decorating style. Feng shui wise, you need to place this crystal in those areas where you need a constant flow of clear energy. One of the best things about this crystal is that you can actually place it anywhere because it can easily adjust to the energy field of that particular area.

2. Tiger’s Eye: This crystal is another hot favorite in feng shui crystals because of its protective properties. The beauty of this crystal is that it protects and nourishes you at the same time. It transforms the negative energy in your house into positive energy. Tiger’s eye works in sync with the energies in your house and brings about a positive change in your life. This also helps to make your aura stronger and more balanced. The earthy energy of this crystal makes it possible to use it as a feng shui crystal.

3. Amethyst: The popularity of this stone knows no bounds. Amethyst has been used since ages by kings and queens for its uplifting properties which are achieved by transmuting negative energy into a positive one. Not only is this stone very attractive but also very helpful in terms of feng shui. The peaceful energy of this stone helps to maintain a balanced atmosphere at your home. This crystal is the best choice for your meditation room because it has properties that help you connect with the divine energy that lies beyond the physical realm.

4. Carnelian: This crystal is best suited for feng shui because of its beautiful colors that range from gentle yellow to fiery orange. Carnelian is associated with the second chakra and hence proves to be a great stone for motivation and leadership. Being a stone of creativity, it is ideal for those who have their own business. Carnelian forms a perfect blend of fire and earth feng shui elements and hence is best suited for your house. This crystal strengthens your energy field and helps you to let go of your past beliefs and limitations. Apart from this, it also sharpens concentration and protects against negative entities.

5. Rose quartz: This crystal is said to open the heart for the beauty in and around you. This feng shui crystal is ideal for your bedroom as it helps to enhance the feeling of romance and passion in your life. Rose quartz is also known to mend broken bonds when it comes to relationships. It offers you acceptance for what has happened and boosts the feeling of self-love and compassion. You can even place this beautiful crystal in your child’s room as it constantly emits soothing and loving energy which can help to nurture your child.

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