5 Magical Abilities of Crystals

5 Magical Abilities of Crystals

Crystals have become the ultimate go-to partner in times of distress in this world. People have actually started relying on these crystals so much that if ever they forget to carry the crystals with them, they start facing challenging situations immediately. This form of connection with crystals looks funny on the outside but has actual meaning to it. Once you start using crystals, you develop a certain bond with them which connects those crystals with your inner self. This connection forms the base of crystal healing. The stronger the connection, the quicker is the overall healing process. Crystals have some magical properties that help you to form a connection with them.

Few of the magical abilities of the crystals are mentioned below:

1. Crystals can communicate efficiently: Crystals can communicate very well with their user. After spending a lot of time with a particular crystal, you are transferring your likes and dislikes into that crystal. If you attach this crystal at the end of a pendulum and dangle it over your body, you can find the areas which need healing because the crystal will be drawn to it. The communication power of this crystal can also be utilized to answer the yes/no questions for guidance.

2. Crystals have consciousness: It is believed that the crystals have a mind of their own. This mind might not be as powerful as a human but still has sufficient amount of consciousness that assists in healing. According to Nikola Tesla- “In a crystal, we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal it is none the less a living being.” One way to prove that crystals have consciousness is by the way you treat them. If you show respect for your crystals they will help in the healing process and if you show disrespect, then they might not show the desired results.

3. Crystals change color: Crystals tend to draw the negative and stressful energies from a person and convert them into healing energies that relieve the stress, anxiety, and depression to promote a healthy and relaxed body and soul. In this process of purification, crystals often change color. They can get brighter, darker or develop rainbows depending upon the energy of the individual and the number of complexities he is facing in life.

4. Crystals signify shifts in life: Whenever a certain crystal breaks, it shows that a shift has taken place. The crystal signifies that it has taken the brunt of issues you have worked through and is now ready to release. The crystal breaks on your behalf by taking in the impact on itself which was otherwise meant for you. But on most of the occasions, a crystal breaks because it has completed its healing work on you and has lost all the energy in the process. This generally means that you need to buy a new crystal.

5. Crystals can be a portal: If someone else has gifted you their crystal, then it needs to be cleansed first before using it for yourself. This is mandatory because the same crystal might have some different agenda for that other person and has accumulated his/her thoughts and energies into it. If this crystal is not cleansed, you can feel the other person’s energy residing in that crystal. You will start getting dreams which have no context with your life and you will start feeling different than usual. Thus one needs to ensure to cleanse the crystal before using it for healing themselves.

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