5 Healing Stones To Treat Vertigo

5 Healing Stones To Treat Vertigo
Disclaimer: Vertigo is a medical condition that needs a doctor’s assistance. Crystals mentioned are not meant to be an alternative to the doctor’s medicine but can be used as a complement to it.
Vertigo is a condition where a person loses his consciousness, feels dizzy & disoriented. This sensation of whirling & loss of balance is associated particularly with looking down from a great height or can be caused by a disease affecting the inner ear or the vestibular nerve.
There are healing crystals that can be used to tackle the dizziness and disorientation resulting from vertigo. These gemstones make you feel grounded & help your mind & body to stay stable in spite of the looming fear.
These energy crystals help you to treat Vertigo:


This is one of the best healing crystals for dealing with vertigo as it can make you feel grounded. Amethyst relieves the stress & anxiety that results from such situations & makes you feel stable on the inside.
This master healer is well known for transmuting the negative thoughts that cloud your mind.

Black Jasper

black jasper
This is a highly protective stone that strengthens the wearer. Black jasper resolves the balance issues concerned with the inner ear when worn at higher chakras.
Since vertigo is also related to the imbalance in our ears, Black Jasper shields the wearer from destructive phases due to the disease.

Black Onyx

black onyx
This protective stone is useful for protection against negative elements in your life. This crystal transforms and absorbs the negative energy and prevents the drain of personal energy.
Black Onyx aids in the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially during times of stress, confusion and grief.


This stone is said to be effective in dealing with pain because it maintains the charge of nerve cells. Magnetic hematite also regulates the flow of blood in the body & is used to cure & relieve headaches & anemia.
Hematite is effective for dealing with vertigo as it grounds you and keeps your mind stable even in times of fear.

Fire Opal

The lack of blood and oxygen in the brain can also lead to dizziness. Fire Opal is a stone that stabilizes both the right & left hemispheres of the brain & helps you to remain calm. This stone activates the life force activated by the sacral chakra.
This grounding stone heals with compassion and enlightens the wearer with the importance of emotional and spiritual balance.

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