5 Healing Crystals To Help Your Digestive And Stomach Problems

Healing Crystals To Help Your Digestive And Stomach Problems

Crystals healing is a vast subject. It has such a wide variety of usages that even include healing physical ailments in your body. A normal working day is easily hampered by an upset stomach. Not only does it deteriorate your health and strength but also hampers your positive mood. Digestion is something that seems to be impossible to be cured using the power of crystals, but that’s not true. Apart from relieving your stress, anxiety, depression, etc, crystal healing can also be used to cure digestion problems. Following is the list of 5 crystals that can help in relieving the digestive problems.

1.) Aquamarine: This stone helps to find the root cause of your constipation. The throat chakra powers of the Aquamarine assist in finding a safe cure for your digestion problems. To efficiently use the aquamarine, hold it on the throat chakra or you can even do a mild massage on the throat chakra.

2.) Peridot: The peridot is an essential stone for curing your chronic bowel problems. This green gemstone is connected to the heart chakra and is essential for alleviating your pain resulting from bowel problems. This stone directly assists by boosting your emotional state of mind and fills you with grit and will power necessary to emotionally tackle the health problems.

3.) Blue Lace Agate: This is a balancing crystal that is useful in treating gas related problems that occur in the intestines. It acts as a detoxifier by clearing the digestive system of any toxins and helps to maintain a free flow inside the digestive tract. This helps in decreasing your hunger and also aids in soothing the pain related to the stomach. Blue lace agate also proves to be an important crystal that protects against coli infections.

4.) Emerald: Stomach pain can be very disturbing if not dealt with on priority. There are many reasons behind stomach pain and emerald proves to be an ideal crystal to tackle this pain. The emerald helps in soothing your nerves which results in powering up the heart chakra. Just place the emerald on the areas of the stomach where you feel the pain and it will do the rest.

5.) Citrine: This is a wonderful healing stone that has been used for ages to boost digestion and help in treating stomach related issues. It assists in boosting your metabolism and digestion capabilities. Citrine fills you with positive vibes and injects optimism into your mind, which helps to cure health problems. Citrine tends to fight infections and inflammation, thereby ensuring a healthy life.

Each crystal mentioned above has its unique property and works wonders when used on their dedicated chakra within our body. Healing crystals are a boon to the humankind and have numerous applications but one must have faith in their powers and use them wisely.

Disclaimer: Crystals should be used as a complement and not as a replacement for regular medicine.

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