5 Healing Crystals to Boost Manliness

5 Healing Crystals to Boost Manliness

Whenever someone talks about crystals, we naturally associate them with the female populace.
There is a common misconception that men do not have any need for crystal healing because they are strong on the inside and generally do not crumble in spite of the truckload of problems.
However, this is not the case and all men need a loving and caring person or entity in their life that would help them rise up again in life.
Men have a huge amount of potential inside them and they only need a boost to reveal they are true selves and take on the world with their manly and strong attitude.
Being manly is a matter of pride for many and hence it is vital that such men take the help of the magical crystals to boost their internal energies.
Whether you want love, wealth, spirituality, confidence or strength, these crystals will always be there to help you out in difficult times.
Their specific healing properties will also make you look and sound more attractive and manly, which will help to reveal your confidence.

A few of these crystals are mentioned below:

Green Tourmaline

This stone is considered to be the most sought after stone for men.
Green tourmaline encourages a sense of confidence, focus and will inside you which offer you the necessary boost to tackle any situation.
Green Tourmaline
This stone helps you to tap into your passion and achieve what you desire in life.
This stone promotes its user to do all that is necessary to ensure that he excels at his office and makes a good living.


This stone has been called the ‘Man’s Stone’ for ages.
The dark green color of malachite represents the energy of growth and hence its introduction in your life means that you are treading on a path towards success.
Malachite is also known to attract wealth and abundance, which is an inseparable part of life.
Apart from this, malachite offers relief from problems like swollen joints, tumors, and liver.


Though women have become equal to men when it comes to earning an everyday living,
there are many households in this world where the only man in the house has to work day and night to secure a bright future for his wife and kids.
Pyrite is a stone that can be very useful during such scenarios because it helps to attract and maintain wealth.
The powerful vibrations of this crystal make you take the right financial and business decisions that lead you towards success.
It also blocks any negative energy from your competitors and keeps you safe.


The gentle energy of this stone is necessary for men who crumble under stress and depression.
Amethyst transmutes the negative energy inside a person into positive energy and instills confidence and strength inside him.
The grounding energy of this stone is very useful as it helps to keep you calm and composed in life.
Amethyst boosts your intuitive skills and makes you take the right decisions.  


This stone is very precious for men because it helps to boost the much-needed energy and vitality inside them.
Since garnet is connected to the vital life force, it can prove to be very useful for manifestation.
Garnet imbibes a sense of passion and love inside you that helps to replenish your relationship.
If you really wish to feel the energy of manliness and develop a confident attitude, then this is the stone you should opt for. 
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