5 Healing Crystals That Will Make You a Believer

The world of crystal healing is anything but unrecognized. Most people with any connectivity to the world know of their existence and have either one of the two schools of opinions.
They either believe in what everyone else has to say about them and believe in their magical powers. The flip side to this is the people who back scientific evidence and that maybe healing crystals are just shiny rocks with a penchant for placebo effects.
We say, that regardless of what you are inclined to believe, the results are uncanny. Even if there is a placebo effect at play, it is a pretty good one!
The basic idea behind healing crystals says, that they are fossilized minerals that have been sitting in the crust of the earth for millions of years, collecting positive energy, and when we get a piece of such a crystal we get those positive vibrations to interact with us to alter the state of our mind, body, and soul. A lot of regular people and celebrities across generations have utilized and sponsored the benefits of crystal healing.
Ancient civilizations have so much significance for the healing benefits and spiritual connections that crystals brought to them. It is well documented in historical scriptures that crystals have always been a gigantic part of the culture as we know it. So why the skepticism? Maybe these 5 crystals and an open mind are a good place to start for a non-believer.
Amethyst: One very less talked about the quality of this very famous crystal is its ability to cure hangovers and headaches. Non-believers! Do I have your attention now?
It is a stone for the brain. This purple colored stone interacts with the Third-Eye Chakra and raises the vales of intuition, perception, aids meditation, and calms the mind.

Rose Quartz: The universal stone of love is vital for improving your ability to feel, accept, and project love for yourself and others. The key benefits of Rose Quartz are attracting love, improving relationships, and raising your self-confidence.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s Eye is known as the All-Seeing Eye which has a lot of divine significance carried forward from ancient civilizations and their beliefs. It raises confidence, courage, self-awareness, and also brings good luck.

Citrine: This bright yellow stone is all about positivity and optimism. Promoting creativity and imagination, citrine is a perfect stone for artists finding themselves in a rut of un-productivity. It also purges toxins out of your body.

Clear Quartz: Also known as Crystal Quartz, this stone is considered to be the king of all healing crystals. Stimulating the crown chakra, it symbolizes purity and enhances the level of relaxation we are capable of feeling. It also enhances the healing properties of the crystals it is used in combination with.


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