5 Healing Crystals That Will Make You a Believer

5 Healing Crystals That Will Make You a Believer

Crystal healing is being used by human beings since hundreds of years and everyday a large number of people are accepting the power of crystal healing to make their life more meaningful, positive and stress-free. This group of people has a certain amount of dependency on these crystals and they truly believe that these stones will bring about a good change in their lives. However, there are many studies that suggest that crystal healing is a hoax and a misconception that is trusted by millions of people. It depends on the particular individual whether he wants to trust that information or experience the power of crystals first hand.

There are a few crystals that can be used to develop faith and trust in their power.

1.) Amethyst: This is a beautiful stone that has strong relaxing powers that help in keeping a calm and peaceful mind. The amethyst can release the stress from your mind and make you more happy and optimistic. It works with your crown chakra and assists in deflecting negativity from around you. Amethyst also proves to be a very powerful grounding stone as it keeps a check on over-confidence and injects self-control and compassion into the individual.

2.) Fluorite: There are times when you tend to feel that everything around you is conspiring against you and you also tend to attract negative energies from the surrounding environment. Fluorite being an absorbent crystal neutralizes the negative atmosphere around you making you more calm and optimistic. It brings a feeling of tranquility into your life and soothes your soul.

3.) Rose Quartz: This crystal is associated with a feeling of love and compassion. It assists in deepening the love for self and also enhances your relationships with the people around you. Rose quartz also helps to reflect the energies that tend to interfere with the bonds of love around you. This crystal directly deals with the heart and hence proves to be a very powerful entity to counter unwanted emotions.

4.) Lapis Lazuli: Also known as the stone of royalty, lapis lazuli helps you to achieve enlightenment and channels your energies for a more positive outcome. This stone also increases your intuition powers and develops psychic abilities that allow you to decide the right path to success.

5.) Clear Quartz: Sometimes you are not able to see a clear picture of what lies ahead and in spite of being very close to getting an answer, you are unable to find it. Clear quartz is a crystal that is associated with promoting clarity inside a person and helps him see through complications to find the right answer. Clear quartz is also said to heal your soul and relieve it from unwanted stress and negativity.

Crystals are important to help you achieve a balanced life and align your chakras for the betterment of your body and spirit. Whether to trust the power of crystals is completely dependent on you as everyone has a different kind of experience with these crystals and it all depends on whether you have faith in them. Crystals do not have negative effects if used after getting proper knowledge and hence can be tried out at least once for a better life.

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