5 Healing Crystals for Passing Job Interviews

Healing Crystals for Passing Job Interviews

Landing a stable and well-paying job is like a dream come true for many individuals. For students who have just graduated from university, it becomes very important to find a job that is going to kick start their careers. They work hard to crack job interviews and prepare themselves for any possible question that the interviewer may ask. But in spite of all the efforts, there are instances where a candidate falls short to live up to the employer’s expectations mainly because he becomes nervous and demotivated at the last instant and therefore loses the confidence that is required while facing the interviewer. Crystals, as we all know, have been used to improve the quality of life all over the world. These crystals also help to boost certain emotions in life that are necessary to crack interviews like confidence, positivity, etc. If these crystals are used properly with prior knowledge and research, they can help you during job interviews. Following is a list of crystals that can be used for this purpose:

1.) Citrine: This crystal is associated with luck because it helps to surround you with good vibes that help you to achieve success. Citrine is the stone that can make one person very lucky and bring him good fortune. This stone fills you with the necessary courage and intelligence to efficiently tackle the interview.

2.) Turquoise: The most important part of any interview is communication. If the candidate is able to communicate with the interviewer in a fluent and confident manner only then his chances of getting selected increase. In case the candidate fumbles while talking or loses his confidence then there is a high probability that he will be rejected. Turquoise is a stone that promotes fluency and confidence inside a person that is necessary during an interview. You can wear turquoise in the form of a pendant on your throat chakra so that it will enhance your voice quality and boost confidence while communicating.

3.) Fluorite: There are times when over-thinking leads to memory loss during an interview. You might have invested several days in gathering the required knowledge for the interview but something happens at the last moment and you fail to live up to the expectations of the employer. Such situations can prove to be very disastrous for a candidate but can be avoided with the use of fluorite. This stone has properties that help to keep your mind calm and peaceful during an interview. Fluorite clears the cluttered thoughts inside your head and removes negativity as well.

4.) Green Aventurine: This stone is used to promote a sense of confidence and optimism into the wearer. Green Aventurine also helps to open the door for new opportunities with respect to your job search. This stone can help to increase your chances of winning if used in a proper manner.

5.) Black Tourmaline: When you are attending a group discussion during an interview round, the people around you get disturbed with your confidence as well as intelligence and tend to get jealous of you. Black tourmaline is a stone that protects you from such kind of negative people and shields you from their energies. This stone also prevents you from getting distracted and ensures that you are attentive all along.

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