5 Healing Crystals For Asthma

5 Healing Crystals For Asthma
Disclaimer: Asthma is a severe respiratory disorder and proper medical guidance is a must in such cases. Crystals mentioned in the article below are meant to be a complement to the doctor’s medicine and not a supplement to it.
Asthma affects each person differently. During an asthma attack, a person’s airway becomes swollen & the muscles around become tight.
This leads to difficulty in breathing. Asthma attacks can be serious and hence it is necessary to recognize the symptoms of asthma and tackle them in advance.
The healing stones mentioned in the list below can help in different ways to prepare you physically and mentally in such a case.


This beautiful healing stone reduces negative energy and transforms it into positive energy. This energy crystal works with your lungs and helps to tackle the breathing problems.
Amber works with the throat chakra and helps to relax it in every sense. Since amber is a natural antibiotic, you can use it as an elixir.


This gemstone is called the master healer for a reason. Amethyst helps to transmute the negative thoughts in your body and converts them into positive ones which help to balance you mentally.
By boosting the immune system, amethyst helps with respiratory issues and it cleanses the air and allows for a positive energy space.


Malachite is a toxic stone in its raw form. However, this energy stone does have an amazing ability to heal. This is a protection stone for children and helps to ease the tension and stress.
Malachite is beneficial to tackle the fear & anxiety which generates during an asthma attack.

Moss Agate

moss agate
This is the first stone which comes to mind whenever you suffer from a breathing problem. Moss agate is a great stone for the lungs and specially for breathing disorders.
This healing stone can facilitate an understanding of the spiritual causes behind a physical manifestation of illness and ground spiritual energies into the physical world.


This is a gemstone which not only brings stability but also grounds your haywire thoughts. This stone has the ability to boost the oxygen in your bloodstream.
Pyrite crystal helps support the immune system and is said to beneficial for bronchitis as well.

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