5 Healing Crystals And Gemstones For Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming can prove to be very helpful for people who suffer from recurrent nightmares or phobias.
Lucid dreaming happens during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep and is a very fun & creative experience.
Since you are fully aware of being asleep during lucid dreaming, you can use this state to explore your inner consciousness or even control your dreams.
Following is a list of five energy crystals that can prove helpful for lucid dreaming:


Called as the “master healer”, this crystal stimulates the Third Eye chakra and connects you with the spiritual realms. This energy stone triggers dreams and can be used for astral travel as well.
Amethyst releases every bit of negativity from your mind and transmutes it into positivity so that you do not experience nightmares in your sleep. This is an ideal gemstone to be kept around if you want lucid dreaming.


This energy stone is said to be filled with the feminine energy of the moon, hence it has a relaxing vibe to it. The serene energy of this stone encourages deep sleep. The strong lunar connection of this stone is useful for reestablishing a good sleep pattern.
Moonstone stone also teaches you to be aware of your conscious mind. This healing stone is essential for lucid dreaming, especially during the time of the full moon or new moon.


Moldavite is said to have extraterrestrial origins and its beautiful olive-green colour of receptiveness is very useful for lucid dreaming. This energy stone elevates your mind and takes you beyond boundaries and supports your intention to dream lucidly.
Moldavite crystal is also an energy amplifier and you can use it to enhance the effects of other dream crystals.

Blue Calcite

blue calcite
Though the vibrations of this gemstone are not as high as other energy crystals mentioned in this list, it is still a wonderful crystal stone for promoting conscious dreams. It is important to stay calm when lucid dreaming to avoid waking up.
Blue Calcite has comforting energy that wraps you in a metaphysical blanket. It also protects you from negativity and induces a relaxing state.



This is one of the best crystals for mental focus, which is why it works best for lucid dreaming. It improves your concentration and instills deep focus inside your mind.
Fluorite crystal brings order to your chaotic mind and helps you to calm it. It removes mental blocks that cause interference in lucid dreaming.

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