5 Green Gemstones That Are Highly Sought After

5 Green Gemstones That Are Highly Sought After
Green gemstones are one of the most fancied gemstones by collectors, designers, and aficionados. Green gemstones possess symbolic meanings with nature, life, wealth & energy.
Emeralds are the most sought after green gemstones. Even though we have numerous types of gemstones in the world, people always confuse emeralds with most green gemstones.
Following is a list of green gemstones that are highly sought after:


green jade

Jade is the most durable gemstone in the world. This iconic gemstone is renowned for its musical properties, ringing like a bell when struck. This is a very protective stone and keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony.
This gem attracts good luck and friendship. This gemstone stabilizes personality & promotes self-sufficiency. It also has the power to soothe the mind & release negative thoughts.

Green Aventurine

green aventurine

This healing crystal comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart and even helps to attract love. You can use this crystal while working with the heart chakra. This stone is known as the good luck stone and hence is used by many crystal enthusiasts.
This energy crystal has particularly soothing energy behind it and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues.



This is a delightful stone of the green-ray. It has metaphysical properties that help to attract new love, abundance, and prosperity.
This energy crystal brings joy and happiness and brings about the vibrations of divine truth. It also helps you to recover from depression as well as anxiety.

Green Sapphire

green sapphire

This is a very precious gemstone of the corundum mineral family. It is believed that green sapphire brings calmness and positivity to the human mind & improves the concentration power of individuals which makes it a great stone for students.
Green Sapphire is known to boost self-confidence as well as overall mental health.

Green Agate

It is said that the spiritual power of the green is combined with that of the agate. According to modern healers, green agate increases compassion, generosity and a keen sense of justice, along with enhancing mental health and emotional flexibility.
Green agate also helps to improve the decision-making process & helps to resolve disputes.

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