5 Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Crystals

5 Gifts for Anyone Who Loves Crystals

It is said that the more you spread kindness and compassion in this world, the more you receive it back. Same is the case with crystals. Once you have experienced the healing power of these crystals for yourselves, it is wise to spread the word and try to get more people involved in these amazing and beautiful gemstones. And what better way than gifting specialized crystal accessories to get people into crystal healing? There are so many amazing types of crystal sets available in the market waiting to be sent in the form of gifts to your loved ones. You can select the gift according to your liking from a range of products.

Below is a list of things you can give away in the form of gifts:

1. Book about crystal healing: By now most of the people who have at least a basic idea about the crystals know that these stones work with the Chakras inside our body to promote the healing process. It is very necessary to have at least a basic knowledge about the chakras that are present in a human body. Thus the book that tells about the basics of the chakras and the self-healing techniques to balance those chakras would be a great gift for anyone who shows an interest in crystals.

2. Black tourmaline bracelet: This is the most common gift you can give to anyone because it is so stylish and can easily go with any attire. Black tourmaline is a stone that is known to guard an individual against the negative entities and make them feel grounded to their roots. Another advantage of giving this bracelet in the form of a gift is that since it is available in many sizes, it becomes easy to find a bracelet that could easily fit on anyone.

3. Amethyst gem trees: If the person to whom you are going to gift something has a creative and colorful mindset, then the amethyst gem tree can be a great gift for such people. This tree is available in many variations that include bonsai gem trees, crystal gem trees, crystal gem trees on a wooden base, etc. The leaves of these trees have amethyst and the base consists of citrine or quartz. These trees make a lovely gift because they are light-weight and are available in a variety of color combinations.

4. Selenite tower lamp: Selenite is a very beautiful crystal that is known to rid your aura of negativity and ward off harmful spirits. Selenite is also useful to cleanse the other crystals and recharge them. The selenite tower lamps are around 30cms in height and look perfect in the living room as well as the bedroom. These lamps are naturally carved to form a pyramid or tower shape. This is a gift that can be truly remembered for a long time.

5. Pyrite cluster for good luck: This is a powerful stone that shields and guards against all forms of negative vibrations and it works with you on the physical as well as the emotional level to bring about a calm state of mind and balance in your life. The pyrite cluster can be a good gift for students before their exams as pyrite is also known to enhance memory and helps to recall the relevant information whenever required.

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