5 Essential Tips For Using Muscovite Crystal

5 Essential Tips For Using Muscovite Crystal
This is a mystical stone with a strong angelic contact that stimulates awareness of the higher self. This crystal is known to stimulate the heart chakra and facilitate astral travel and open the intuition and psychic vision. This crystal allows recognition of the flaws of humanity and stimulates unconditional love and acceptance.
This is a reflective stone that helps you see the positive things in the other person. Muscovite can be used to improve the appearance and sparkle to the eyes and helps the body achieve appropriate weight. Following is a list of five tips for using Muscovite crystal:
Muscovite is a stone of possibilities and it is useful for you if you have been unintentionally holding yourself back from living a life that might be more fulfilling. So, whenever you feel that you need a lift, just hold this stone in your hands and think about what you wish to accomplish by using it.

While meditation, if you are facing difficulties while finding your spirit guides, then muscovite can help you out in that case. The strong vibrations of this crystal help you to connect with your guardian angels.

This stone is very beneficial when you need help while solving problems in your life. The healing vibrations of muscovite take you out from the most complex situations by increasing your thinking capability and stimulating the mind and the higher functions of the brain.

Muscovite should be used as a protective stone too. The strong vibrations of this stone provide psychic protection and seal your aura by preventing any kind of psychic attacks.

The best way to make use of this crystal is to buy jewellery made from it. Wearing muscovite in this way allows you to constantly bathe in its vibrations and make use of this stone to the fullest.

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