5 Essential Crystals for Focus and Clarity

Crystals for Focus and Clarity

No matter how hard you work or for how many hours you work, your efforts will bear fruit only if you have done your work with utmost concentration. Lack of focus not only invites mistakes but also shows that your mind is filled with numerous, unproductive thoughts. Thus it becomes vital to bring your mind back on track by calming it down. Crystals have been used for ages for promoting focus and concentration. These crystals have properties that work with your upper chakras and enhance your mental process to achieve peace of mind.

Few of these crystals are given below:

1. Clear Quartz: This crystal is a must-have if you wish to have a clear mind that is free of cluttered thoughts. Clear quartz is known to promote clarity of mind which helps you to focus on your task at hand. It also helps you to find the right path that would lead you towards success. Often it happens that you are unsure about how to proceed further at certain points in life. It is at these times that clear quartz comes into the picture as it is the best stone that will guide you on the correct path.

2. Tiger’s Eye: This is a crystal that is associated with the Solar Plexus and Root Chakras. This stone is able to filter out distractions from your mind and promote determination and focus that would help to increase your productivity. Just like a tiger, you concentrate on your target with the utmost concentration and achieve it with ease. Your confidence also gets an uplift when you use the Tiger’s Eye.

3. Sodalite: This crystal is known as a Student’s Stone because it is helpful for students who wish to attain confidence, focus, and concentration, especially during the time of exams. Sodalite also improves your memory and helps you to remember every detail very clearly. Working professionals can carry this crystal during long meetings as it helps to keep your mind attentive and focused throughout the meeting.

4. Hematite: Hematite is a crystal that is associated with your Root Chakra. It helps to remove the negativity from your mind and fills it with positivity and determination required to complete the tasks at hand. This is also a very powerful grounding stone that will prevent your mind from drifting in different directions. Hematite revitalizes your mind so that you are able to do your work with confidence and clarity.

5. Fluorite: This is the best crystal for mental focus. Fluorite is used during chaotic situations because it is during this time that your mind needs to be focused at one place. Fluorite helps to remove the distractions from your mind and heightens your mental abilities which help you to achieve concentration. This stone is best used during stressful situations as it offers clarity to your mind and boosts you with the required confidence.

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