5 Energy Crystals And Gemstones For Twin Flame Reunion

5 Energy Crystals And Gemstones For Twin Flame Reunion
Energy Crystals are one of the most beautiful masterpieces of Mother Earth and they have metaphysical properties that allow you to enhance your life in every way.
Crystal healing is very beneficial for the twin flame journey as they help to connect us with the earth, sky, the angelic realms, etc.
You can program these healing crystals with specific intentions or you can use them in a very powerful crystal grid.
Following is a list of crystal stones that you can use on your twin flame journey:

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

The pink hue of the rose quartz is what makes this energy crystal so valuable. Rose Quartz is all about love. It speaks to the heart chakra and is beneficial in upgrading the heart chakra to a space of complete, divine and
This love crystal manifests harmonious union and allows you to open your heart to accept love from the surroundings as well as impart it to those in need.



This is a very firm and strong loving crystal. It is perfect for grounding your unconditionally loving union. This healing stone can bring you back into the present moment and remind you of just how much love you have in your life.
Garnet speaks of commitment and is the perfect stone if you are in the place of wanting to “give up” on love.
Garnet connects to the physicality of divine love too which makes it a perfect stone to bring your energetic union into the physical.



This is a stone of divine union. It grounds and creates the oneness between you and your twin and also with you and the rest of the universe.
The quartz properties of this stone make it easy to program with the energy of your divine love, just like rose quartz.
This energy stone speaks highly to the heart chakra but also cleanses and aids all the chakras.



The divine love is created inside the higher heart chakra and rhodonite is a crystal that stimulates it. This healing stone is very useful for relationship healing and harmonization.
Rhodonite keeps the communication waves clear & harmonious, while healing the relationship from inside out. It boosts forgiveness, compassion and helps to overcome fear.



This gemstone helps to connect to the angelic and spiritual realm. Celestite aids in healing through dreams.  
Celestite can help you offer the boost needed to connect to your higher self, your Twin Flame’s higher self, and your angelic guide teams.

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