5 Effective Ways To Use Chakra Crystals At Home

5 Effective Ways To Use Chakra Crystals At Home

Many people are using healing crystals today for overall emotional and physical well-being.

From youngsters to adults, everyone has their own set of crystals in their possession which offers them relief from the problems they are facing. These gems are not new to mankind.

In fact, they have been used more than us by our ancestors to treat a variety of problems. They knew how to utilize the metaphysical properties of these crystals effectively.

There are numerous ways to work with these stones and many of us are still unaware of them. Below is a list of five such ways:

To bring positivity to your décor

In today’s fashion-oriented world where even home décor is a topic of great interest, crystals are not far behind too. In the past few years, crystals have started appearing in home décor magazines for a good reason.

People are preferring to keep a large chunk of crystals in their homes to fill the space with positivity and happiness. For those who do not like large crystals, they can keep small clusters in every room.

Placing the crystals on your body

When you put a crystal on your body for healing, it has a completely different effect than simply holding it. If you wish to heal a particular chakra, then select a stone which heals that chakra and place it over the area where the chakra is located.

For example, if you can keep a quartz crystal above your head to activate the crown chakra for enlightenment and confidence.

Creating a crystal grid

Crystal grid is one of the least known ways of using crystals for healing. It involves arranging a group of crystals into a sacred geometrical grid which will help to magnify their power.

A crystal grid proves to be very effective as the power of many crystals is effectively harnessed for your benefit.

Incorporating crystals in self-care routine

One of the reasons why crystals have gained so much popularity is because they have been endorsed by celebrities who have started their own skin-care brands.

These self-care products are infused with healing crystals which makes them very effective. You can use crystal-soaked water to wash your face or you can use crystals to enhance your bath.

Holding a crystal during meditation

This is one of the most productive ways to introduce healing crystals into your life. Crystals help to increase your meditative skills by enhancing your focus and concentration.

These crystals help to clear the clutter in your mind and make your more peaceful that aids in meditation. All you need to do is just hold the crystal in one or both hands as you close your eyes and focus on your breath.

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