5 Crystals To Boost Your Yoga Practice

Crystals To Boost Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is the ultimate way to link your body and soul. Practicing yoga on a daily basis has a lot of benefits. It makes your body fit and flexible and helps you to recover from stress, trauma, and depression. Another important advantage of practicing yoga is that you get peace of mind and clarity in your thoughts which boost your positive attitude and gives you the necessary energy to overcome the challenges in life. But it takes consistency and motivation to do something on a regular basis and yoga is no exception to it. Fortunately, there are crystals which help you to concentrate on the larger picture and motivate you to do yoga daily.

Few examples of such crystals are mentioned below:

1. Amethyst: This healing stone is ideal for boosting peace and stability in your life. Amethyst is known to bring inner strength to its user, thereby allowing him to focus on his goals. Amethyst also helps to harness acceptance during times of turmoil. This stone is best suited for meditation and creating a peaceful atmosphere around you.

2. Moonstone: This crystal is famous for promoting intuition inside an individual. If you use the moonstone regularly, then it will help you to unlock the energy of the moon that is residing inside you. This will help to soothe stress as well as an imbalanced mind by stabilizing your emotions and offering serenity to your soul. Moonstone is also known to promote inspiration inside you which is required for consistently practicing yoga.

3. Rose quartz: This popular stone emits vibrations that help you to increase your determination and encourages you to look after yourself. This loving crystal promotes self-love and compassion and also helps to get rid of all the negativity inside you that is holding you back from rectifying your mistakes. Rose quartz makes you more tolerant and accepting as well.

4. Black tourmaline: This is the ideal crystal to ward off negative entities in your life. Black tourmaline acts as a protective shield by flushing out all the toxic vibes from inside your body and deflecting negative thoughts that hold you down. This crystal heals you physically, spiritually and emotionally. It transforms negative energy into positive energy and brings tranquility into your life.

5. Citrine: This stone is so bright and powerful that it will take away all the lethargic energy inside you and fill you with confidence and motivation. Citrine is filled with abundant positive energy which is transferred to your body whenever you use this crystal. Citrine motivates you to concentrate on your goal and increases your creativity. This is the best stone for you if you are planning on starting something new in your life.

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