5 Crystals That Promote Loving Energy

5 Crystals That Promote Loving Energy

It is said that there is no better feeling than love. Love is an emotion that is so powerful that it can heal the deepest of emotional wounds and make your mind more stable and confident. Love works on everything, be it fear, anger, sadness or depression. You feel a vibrant energy bubbling inside you the moment you start to accept love from the surroundings or impart it to the ones in need. Healing crystals have been used for centuries to promote love and compassion. These crystals have specific properties of their own which help to ward off all the negativity from one’s mind. If you are feeling low or need a jolt of the beautiful energy of love in your life, you should surround yourself with these crystals. A few of these crystals are mentioned below:

1. Rose quartz: When you are talking about crystals that promote love, the rose quartz will always be the first on that list. This beautiful crystal is so soothing and gentle that it brings a new ray of hope into your life. Every single trace of negativity or fear is removed from your mind the moment you start using this stone. Called as the ‘stone of universal love’, the rose quartz tends to impart self-love and compassion lifts you up and makes you a happy soul.

2. Amethyst: This stone is a master healer when it comes to using it for promoting a loving atmosphere. This stone transforms negative energy into positive energy and makes sure that your mind maintains an optimistic approach towards life. Amethyst also helps its users to set aside the differences or grudges that they have been holding onto and promote compassion and togetherness instead.

3. Citrine: This is one of the best stones when it comes to attracting and manifesting what you want in your lives. If you are deprived of love and wish to experience it in your life, then citrine will help you to attract such people and situations that would fill your life with immense love. This stone is also very useful because it will promote high energy and positivity into your mind that will help you to find peace and joy in life.

4. Emerald: This stone is known as the Stone of Successful Love. Not only does the emerald promote loyalty and compassion but it also helps to romanticize your relations with your respective partners. This crystal strengthens a relation by encouraging a bond of unity and stability between the two people. Being the stone of the love goddess Aphrodite, it brings harmony to the heart chakra and helps you to open it up to accept and impart love.

5. Ruby: This stone is a must-have for couples who are facing issues in their relationships. Ruby helps to bring back that spark in a relationship that inspired you to come together in the first place. It encourages deep intimacy in a relation and activates the heart chakra to promote love and commitment. You must have ruby with you if you wish to create a passionate and romantic atmosphere in your life.

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