5 Crystals That May Help Artists Be Productive in the Studio

5 Crystals That May Help Artists Be Productive in the Studio

Creativity is an attribute that is present in every person in this world in one way or another. This attribute has tremendous importance in life because it not only helps you to climb up the ladder of success but also helps you to generate different ideas that help to make your otherwise monotonous work enjoyable. Creativity is a prime necessity for people who work in creative fields like artists. The bread and butter of these people are fully dependent on how creative they can get and how frequently can they come up with new and interesting ideas. There are crystals in this world that can help an artist to boost their creative side. Following is a list of five such crystals:

1. Citrine: Called as the “stone of success”, citrine helps you to find your true purpose in life. A stone of joy and abundance, citrine helps to interact creatively with the people around you. It boosts your communication skills to such a level that you no longer feel anxious while talking with new people in your life. This stone works best if you ever feel that you are no longer able to come up with something new and exciting. This stone removes negativity and instills concentration and focus, which are the necessary elements to fulfill any project that is thrown towards you.

2. Carnelian: This crystal is connected with the Sacral Chakra, thus it helps to enhance creativity and motivation inside an individual. Carnelian imparts the necessary focus and commitment required to push you through complicated tasks and achieve success. Carnelian also protects against negative spells and envy which your haters often generate as they are jealous of your success and creativity. Carnelian also helps you to connect with your passion such that you are able to think in a different way and bring about new ideas into your work.

3. Clear quartz: If your mind is cluttered with different thoughts, you are not able to think straight which results in the lack of creativity. Clear quartz is a stone that helps you to get rid of all such unproductive thoughts and brings about clarity to your mind. This crystal also helps to balance all your chakras and brings about peace and tranquility in your life which assists in bringing creative and exciting ideas into your life.

4. Tiger’s Eye: This crystal helps to keep things flowing and focused. Tiger’s eye helps you to make confident decisions and eliminate uncertainty from your life. This crystal works well with your Solar Plexus Chakra which is considered to be the main energy centre for promoting self-esteem and confidence. Another important property of this crystal is that it helps to clear your cluttered mind and makes you more productive and innovative while working.

5. Amethyst: Last but not the least, amethyst is a crystal that has multiple properties and can be used for offering a variety of solutions. This crystal develops confidence within an individual and eliminates all the negativity and fear of failure from his mind. If ever someone feels doubtful and is unable to come up with something new, then amethyst helps in such cases by injecting creativity into that individual. Amethyst resonates with the Third Eye Chakra and allows you to see things objectively so that you don’t entangle yourself in emotions.

Being creative is not an easy task. Maintaining that confidence within you and coming up with different ideas every day is a very daunting process. It is imperative for an artist to keep a healthy and peaceful mind all the time so as to boost creativity. The crystals mentioned above are just the perfect medium to enhance creativity and find new ways to boost productivity at the workplace.

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