5 Crystals That Make A Perfect Valentine's Day

5 Crystals That Make A Perfect Valentine's Day
As the month of February has already started, couples around the world have already started planning for the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day.
This is the day when a boy or girl propose to each other and express their feelings of love. For those who are engaged, this is the day to plan something different from the ordinary and make their better half feel special in every way.
This is the day when you need to be creative, romantic and compassionate to get the most out of this day of love.
Below is a list of few such healing crystals that can be used to celebrate Valentine’s day in the most pristine way possible:

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

This crystal has to be on the top of the list where love is the main factor. Rose quartz is called the Universal Stone of Love for a reason.
This crystal promotes the feelings of love and compassion on every level and makes you romantic and passionate on the inside.
It also opens up your heart so that you are able to accept the love from the surroundings as well as impart it to others.

Rose quartz helps to open up in front of your partner and makes you speak your heart out.



This stone is famous as the stone that brings the love from within. For those who are married, Garnet is an excellent crystal to gift to your partner in marriage.
Garnet helps to keep the love alive in a relationship, especially if you are a new couple.

For romantic couples, garnet is very useful to enhance your passionate side and show love towards your partner.



This stone is called the Stone of Passion because it has healing properties that help you to enhance your feelings of romance from within.
Ruby stands for the outburst of romance and desire.
This red crystal is perfect to release your emotional baggage and let go of feelings that bring you down emotionally.

This is the perfect gift for your Valentine as it will strengthen the bond between you two.




Filled with the feminine energy of the moon, moonstone has abilities that tend to bring out your feminine side which is usually more compassionate and romantic.
This stone is ideal for people with a past of love failures and betrayals. Moonstone embodies the height of passion and embraces the wearer and his or her love into unison.

Wearing moonstone during the month of February also helps to keep your heart calm and helps you to accept love.



This crystal is useful for removing all the grudges and negativity from your mind. This crystal also clears and activates the chakras and opens the heart to unconditional love.
This balancing crystal uplifts your love life and also brings in a new love in the life of single individuals.

This is the perfect crystal to wear if you wish to propose your crush without fear or agony.

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