5 Crystals That Can Transform Your Pregnancy and Bless Your Child

5 Crystals That Can Transform Your Pregnancy and Bless Your Child

The most important phase in a woman’s life is when she gets pregnant and holds another soul inside her. It is during these 9 months that the mother and her baby are highly susceptible to the outside energies. If proper care is not taken, then negative energy from the environment or the people around can affect the womb and this can lead to complications. Crystals can help a woman to protect herself and her womb from unwanted energies and promote a healthy and blissful pregnancy.

Below is a list of 5 such crystals which can prove to be beneficial during pregnancy. 

1.) Amethyst – This crystal proves to be very beneficial during pregnancy as it helps to relieve the stress of the mother. A calm mind is an essential element during pregnancy, as it helps in the proper development and nurturing of the womb. Amethyst aids in clearing any kind of anxiety that the mother has and helps in remaining peaceful.

2.) Lapis Lazuli – Generally a woman tends to feel a little low during pregnancy because of all the stress and physical changes that take place. Lapis Lazuli helps in diminishing that stress and boosts the confidence of the woman. It also plays an important role in helping the woman develop a connection with the soul inside her belly.

3.) Moonstone – This stone is very powerful since it is aligned with the moon and mainly responds to feminine energy. Also considered to be the stone of fertility, it assists in balancing the fertility hormones by strengthening the feminine cycle and helps in childbirth. Moonstone strengthens your inner self and prepares you mentally for a new beginning.

4.) Unakite – This stone is very beneficial for the overall health of the pregnant woman. The vibrations of this stone help to boost the mental as well as physical health of both the mother and her child, thereby assisting in a safe pregnancy.

5.) Rose Quartz – This crystal is associated with love and brings out the cheerful and caring side of a person. If worn by a pregnant woman, this crystal can help to develop a beautiful bond with her child. It helps in nurturing the womb and protects the mother and her child during pregnancy. Rose Quartz also helps in healing the mother post pregnancy and releases the stress as well.

Pregnancy is a very beautiful time period in a woman’s life and it should be an immersible experience for her. The crystals mentioned above allow the mother to bond with her child during pregnancy and maintain a healthy state of mind.

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