5 crystals that benefit Aquarians!


Today we will be speaking about 5 Crystal Bracelets that are perfect for Aquarians

February is the month of Aquarius. The Aquarius image is the Water Bearer, which symbolizes the washing endlessly of the past to get another future. The vitality of Aquarius moves us to begin over again and underpins us in changing our lives to improve things. 

Aquarius sun signs are progressive, never following the group or reluctant to attempt new things. As they set out to clear their own way ahead, they push full steam forward. Try not to hinder them or they may drive directly through you. 

So whats with crystals and Aquarians? 

Just like any other zodiac signs, Aquarians do have their collection of crystals that will boost their work, productivity and life. The traditional stone, for those born under Zodiac star sign Aquarius is Garnet.

Let’s get to the other crystals that make them flow and reach their highest levels with our Crystal Bracelets

  • Amethyst

A wonderful stone to receive spiritual guidance, Amethyst can help you determine what changes to make as you move into a new phase of the year. It is also great for grounding the air and water energy of this time of year, especially when used with Apatite. Buy this beautiful crystal bracelet with amethyst now at our shop!

crystal bracelet

  • Garnet

As you begin to make changes and cleanse yourself of your past, Garnet, the stone of commitment, helps you recognize those people and activities that you love and want to stay loyal to. Buy this beautiful crystal bracelet with garnet now at our shop!

crystal bracelet

  • Turquoise 

Turquoise can provide Aquarius with both protection and creativity. It is especially useful for helping this sign dispel anxiousness that may arise from getting too deep in their thoughts. Buy this beautiful crystal bracelet with turquoise now at our shop!

crystal bracelet

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