5 Crystals That Actually Help With Menstrual Pain

5 Crystals That Actually Help With Menstrual Pain

Menstruation is a natural process that every woman has to go through every month after puberty. The pain that occurs during this period is usually in the abdomen and lower back and varies with every woman. Some women experience mild pain while some suffer from unbearable pain. Most of these women usually take a pill to get relief from the excruciating pain, but taking medicines every time cannot be a lasting solution. There are crystals available in this world that have specific properties that can help to deal with the pain and discomfort during the menstruation period. These crystals help to make the pain bearable and also assist in relieving other symptoms of menstruation like headache, mood swings, anxiety, etc. Let’s learn in detail about them:

1. Moonstone: This stone is filled with the feminine energy of the moon and is considered to be the ideal stone for women to get relief from the pain of menstruation. The energy of the moon stored in this crystal helps to soothe and calm your body from the inside which helps to ease the pain in your abdomen and lower back. The calming energy of this crystal is beneficial for stabilizing your mood and its compassionate vibrations help to restore the balance in your mind.

2. Lapis lazuli: Your mental health also takes a toll during menstruation along with your physical health. You tend to feel depressed, angry, anxious and lonely at the same time. All you need is some emotional support that can help you to stay alert and stable during this period. The lapis lazuli is a stone that encourages self-awareness and allows self-expression as well. It generates a feeling of compassion and self-love inside you which helps to calm the storm inside your mind and offers you tranquility.

3. Rose quartz: This stone is a must-have with you at all times because it is one of the most soothing and caring crystals that you can have with you during the menstruation period. This stone stimulates the proper functioning of the circulatory system and heart and also helps in relieving tension and stress from your mind. It supports the female reproductive system and reduces the menstrual pain at every level. The healing vibrations of this stone offer you peace of mind and make you feel comfortable from the inside.

4. Turquoise: This crystal is best suited for offering relief from depression that comes during the menstruation period. It also offers relief from panic attacks, infections and stomach problems. Turquoise gives you the required strength to face the menstrual pain with ease without having any effect on your body. This stone is also known to boost the mood of a person during this period by injecting joy inside him.

5. Amethyst: Last but not least, amethyst is a crystal that alleviates negativity from your mind and helps to restore peace and tranquility to your mind. This stone supports oxygenation in the blood and aids in the treatment of the digestive tract, heart, stomach, and skin. Amethyst also helps to strengthen the immune system and reduces the pain and swelling that occurs during the menstruation period. The soothing vibrations of this stone also help to offer relief from headaches, stress, and tension.

You can use these crystals while you are resting by placing them on your stomach when you are suffering from menstrual pain. You can also carry them around in your pocket while traveling. These crystals just need to be in contact with your body or energy field so that they can have their soothing effect on you and help you overcome the pain and discomfort.

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