5 Crystals for Your Indoor Plants

Crystals for Your Indoor Plants

With the depleting green cover around the city, more and more people are resorting to planting a variety of plants and trees in their own garden. These people look after their plants like their own children and make sure that they get the necessary nourishment on time. However, in spite of all the hard work and dedication, a few of those plants do not live long enough like the other plants. To avoid this, crystal healing is being used widely across the world. You can use these crystals in your garden to help the plants grow strong, healthy and happy.

Below is a list of 5 crystals which you can use for the benefit of your plants:

1. Moonstone: This crystal is filled with lunar energy which is very soothing and tender towards anything to which it comes in contact with. This energy is known to promote rest and restore the health of the dying plants. Moonstone is also a symbol of fertility and will help to stimulate the growth of your plants.

2. Clear quartz: This is a stone that is a must-have in your garden if you are planning to make your plants grow healthy. This stone offers vitality to your plants and helps to keep them lively. It will also promote a soothing atmosphere inside your garden. Clear quartz is also useful in recharging your other crystals.

3. Citrine: This is a stone that is often associated with abundance and prosperity. Citrine is bound to bring in evergreen energies into your garden that would help to enrich your plants and make them happy once again. Citrine also converts all the negative energies in the garden to positive energies so that a healthy environment is promoted in the garden. Placing citrine in your garden also helps to maintain a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

4. Malachite: This is one of the best stones that you can place in your garden. Malachite is a stone that is associated with fertility and vegetation and hence it is an ideal stone for your plants. This stone maintains a healthy and balanced environment inside your garden that promotes growth. Malachite also protects your plants from the harmful EMF radiation that hampers their growth.

5. Moss agate: If you want your plants to be healthy and happy, then it is very necessary to feel the strong connection or bond that you have with your plants. This is the bond that makes you very sensitive and caring towards your plants. Moss agate is a stone that helps to form this connection and keeps it secure. Moss agate also brings vitality and nourishment to your plants if placed appropriately.

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